Friday, February 27, 2009

His new spectacles

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Owen got his classes today. The ride home he must have said, "WOW!" 20 times. He said the difference was absolutely amazing and he could even read the speed limit signs. He's super excited and now he's begging for sports glasses to use during soccer. I suppose that will be next. Owen had a good day. In addition to his glasses, he was chosen to have lunch w/ their special guest today at school, Tiny Glover, who is a performer/story teller. Each teacher chose one child from each class to eat lunch w/ him and Owen was it. He seems to get chosen for everything (lucky kid!) student council, special concerts, leading the class in activities, etc. It's been like that every school year for him. I hope life is always going to be that easy for him. I have a feeling it will be.

Basement soccer

This winter we picked up the basement (I suppose it's more accurate to say that we just pushed everything up against the sides). And, brought Owen's Bounce Back down there. It's been great, because Owen (and therefore, Henry and Emmett are spending LOTS of time down there). Owen is down there, literally, one to two hours every school day and many more on the weekends "practicing"...running plays through his head, etc. When Eddie's home he's down there playing, too. Usually they have soccer shoes and goalie gloves on. It's quite a sight! I now have holes in my ceiling and numerous dents in my walls that I'm trying (hard!) to ignore. He can't play outside in the winter here because of the mass quantity of snow, so this will have to do. BTW...I'm going to video Henry kicking the ball next. He's learning very, very early :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another one bites the dust.....

I took Owen back to the eye doctor today after failing yet ANOTHER eye exam at school. He's also been complaining about things being blurry. Plus, he got marked off on a paper at school because he wrote the date on the board as the 23rd and it was really the 25th. He said he couldn't see it right. It kills him to not get a perfect score especially on something so silly. But, I had him at the eye doctor in November and he was borderline at that point (20 X 50) and they don't usually correct for that. So, of course insurance won't pay for another eye exam since it's been less then one year. What's a mom to do??? I took him back and paid for it out of pocket. $280.00 later, Owen has glasses. His vision was 20 X 80 in one eye and 20 X 100 in the other. YIKES! We pick the glasses up tomorrow, stay tuned for photos!

15 month check up

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weight - 22 pounds 8 ounces (30th %)
height - 32 inches (75th %)
head - 48 cm (75th5)

Henry's lost one pound in the last few weeks. And, he hasn't been eating ANYTHING! That was one of my questions to ask the pediatrician. For example, he ate 3 teeny tiny cheese stars for lunch. That's it. AND, he's not a huge snacker. He doesn't eat crackers, animal crackers, graham crackers. Never particularly liked them. He no longer will touch yogurt, avocado, bananas, apples, grapes, toast, grilled cheese, Cheerios. And, he doesn't like juice. I am COMPLETELY struggling w/ ideas. The pediatrician thinks that he didn't look well and still might be getting over his bronchiolitis from last week. She thought he looked pale. I'm supposed to bring him back if he doesn't start eating in a week or two.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making my life easier....

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Props to Henry and Emmett. For the past few weeks, I've been dragging Henry and Emmett to the gym in the AM and to the dreaded GYM DAYCARE! Emmett doesn't love it. He complains a bit and he is usually the oldest there. He spends most of the time chasing Henry around, protecting him from the dreaded 2 years who try to take toys from him and hit him (Mean! Mean! 2 year olds!) Henry never cries when I leave him. He smiles at the ladies and goes off to play. Isn't it weird that my 15 month old has never had any stranger anxiety? Especially considering that he is rarely left w/ anyone other then me and Eddie (and Sheila). I'm not sure the "care" is great. It's crowded. And, I'm not sure the kids are watched as closely as they should be. But, Henry and Emmett don't complain. And, so I can go work out and get my arse in shape. I think the ladies must love them, too, because they hugged both boys when they left today.


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Banging on the piano...

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"When do I get to start piano lessons, mom?"

Changing Emmett's sleep schedule

As you know....Emmett is my extreme early bird. To bed around 530 - 6 PM. Up around 5 AM. Eddie and I decided this week that this needs to change. It's not as if he bothers us when he gets up at 5. He goes downstairs quietly and gets himself breakfast and watches TV. BUT, we are trying to limit TV and by the time I make my way downstairs around 630-7, he has already watched 1.5 - 2 hours of TV. Too much. Plus, Eddie misses out on anytime w/ him in the evening. So, this week we have held him up to around 7-730 every evening hoping that his body will eventually adjust. It hasn't worked yet. He's been up around 5-530 every morning and he's SUPER tired. But, we're sticking w/ it. Hoping he will adjust. For his sake and ours :)

PS Why does it seem that I am CONSTANTLY blogging about my kids sleep patterns???

PPS I still don't have the results back from the sleep studies yet. It's been 2 weeks. I should have them any day now.

When they finally fall asleep...

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they look like this.

And this.

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Intertwined w/ one another. Brothers. Best buddies. Owen said he dreamt last night that he saved Emmett from a fire. He told him that he would always take care of him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surviving Winter Break

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Last week was winter break for the kiddos. It is no wonder that our kids go to school until the end of June. They are out of school ALL THE TIME! Add snow days to the scheduled breaks and it seems as if they are home constantly. So, home all week last week for winter break. Remember that I packed the Wii up, banned the TV from regular use and was only allowing the kids to play on the computer for a half hour a day. It was going to be a LONG week. But, I'm pleased to report, that the kids actually PLAYED. And, we had a GREAT week. Owen went to soccer camp on Monday and Tuesday. When Emmett remembered that their was going to be no Wii, TV, or computer at our house, he joined Owen at soccer camp on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, Owen had soccer tournaments. They were a great break to our day and it was a lot of fun. The kids played outside, did puzzles, LEGOS, and get this??? They used their imaginations once again. The only tough day was Friday. The weather was nasty. No soccer. The kids were antsy. Unfortunately, since Henry was sick all week, I couldn't take the kids to the gym. But, I made it 4 evenings. Yeah!

BTW...Owen's spending a lot of time in goal for his teams. He's pretty good at it. He's certainly not going to be a goalie as he gets older (he's a striker by skill, I'm told), but for now, it's fun for him. I'm a little frightened w/ him in goal. He plays against 10 and 11 years some of which are bigger then me. I'm afraid he's going to lose his head. But, doesn't he look like a goalie in this photo?

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Just one of MANY trophies Owen has already collected.

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Doing puzzles

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Cutting coupons and box tops

Trying to hold Henry still

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Photo by Emmett

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We did Legos...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am releasing control.......

Really. I am. At least I'm trying. Hard. Really, really hard. It's 930 pm and Owen is upstairs reading. I leave him in bed every night at 830 pm. I give him one hour of laying there and if he's still awake after that hour, he can read. It's about the only thing that works for us. And, he is almost always asleep before 930. But, about 2 times a week he gets up at 930. And, then he stays up. And up. And up some more. Last night he was up until after 11. Eddie and I turned off the lights for bed and he was still awake...saying, I think I'll try to sleep again now. (keep in mind, he's up around 630 AM every morning, irregardless of when he falls asleep). So, after school today he watched a program about tornadoes. I left him at 830 and 2 minutes later, he was up. And up. And up some more. Scared about tornadoes. In tears. Finally, I gave in. I'm all OWEN! I DON'T care what you do. Just stay in bed. Fine. Read. But stay in your room. It's my quiet time. Releasing control. Breathe in. Breathe out.

This week

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This photo is of my boys unloading my groceries. They (seriously!) organize my groceries for me to put away. Very, very convenient...

My goals for the week: I'm cooking a handful of new recipes. I only work 8 hours in the next three weeks and so, I'm trying a handful of new recipes. I made Weight Watchers beef stew Friday and it was really, really good (8 points). Tonight is roast pork w/ sage and potatoes. Smells really good....I'll let you know how it turns out. I also have 3 bean chili (a Weight Watchers slow cooker recipe) and easy chicken dijon (WW again) on the schedule for the week.

I'd like to go to the gym 5-6 days this week. I made it 5 days last week. I was hoping to go this AM, but Henry loves his AM nap (doesn't take a PM nap) and slept from 915-1215. We didn't make it. The day care closes at 1 pm. Tomorrow I'll just have to wake him, because I meet w/ Ben, my personal trainer, at 11 AM. I've been going in the evening when Eddie gets home. Not my fave...but at least I'm there.

Henry's first sled ride..

Not sure exactly how safe this was, but Henry sure enjoyed sledding down the neighbor's driveway.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Henry wants to go outside!

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Eddie went out to shovel the walkway today and Owen and Emmett went out to play. Henry decided that he wanted to go out and had me put a pair of gloves on him. That wasn't enough. He stood by the door. Begging. So, I decided to do it. We put his snowsuit on. Tried to put his boots on (they didn't fit) and headed out. We put him in a sled and the big boys pulled him in the snow for a long time. Not once did he ask to get out. He just hung out. Waiting to be pulled. Happy to be part of the gang.

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"Uh-Oh, mom....

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my glove fell off."

Hang on, Henry!

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The new 40!!!

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My dear, dear friend, Amy, turned 40 this week and her hubby had a party for her on Saturday to celebrate. It was just her closest group of friends (there are 7 of us), food, drinks, and a "bar slut theme". Her hubby cooked all the great food, served drinks, and made the kids disappear (to grandma's.). It was so, so much fun! There's nothing like having a great group of friends. And, seriously...can you believe she's 40???

BTW...I picked up this cup for Amy at Spencer's that day. I took the boys to piano lessons and decided to swing in to Spencer's to try to find something for her (can you believe I took my boys in there???) As I'm walking in, I'm all don't look or read or touch or smell ANYTHING!! Look at the ground. Look at the ground. On our way out, there was a pair of dancing boobs that got Emmett's attention. He's all MOM! What is that? And, I'm all OUT of here. NOW!

The gang

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My closest group of friends were at the party. Love you all, ladies! BTW...Amy had already lost the fishnet stocking, short shorts and high boots by this point. I have a great picture w/ her completely dressed that I would post, but I'm afraid she would KILL me! of the other gals in this group is turning 40 in April. Another turning 39 in April. Robin and I are the babies of the group (at 32 years old and holding). Robin is directly behind Amy.

002, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Me as a bar slut. When I came down after getting ready, my boys were shocked. I can't remember the last time I've used a curling iron and put lipstick on (I live in lip gloss) and mascara. Emmett said, "Wow, mom! You look really cool!" Owen said, " look just like Sharpay." (from High School Musical). Not sure exactly how I resemble Sharpay except for she's always made up w/ lots of make-up on. Anyway, good times! I'd forgotten how fun it is to get dressed up.

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The tattoo (fake) I picked up halfway through the party.

Friday, February 20, 2009

15 months

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My baby boy turned 15 months on Thursday and he's already learned what's important in our house :)

A new trick for Henry

A party trick that grandma taught Henry.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


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One of the best parts of my mom being here was that she helped me changed my perspective about Henry. I needed a reality check. I got it. Now, I'm enjoying my little bugger more and more....
What did she do you ask? She reminded me over and over (and over and over and over) about how EASY Henry was. It got me thinking. He is easy. Why did I ever think he was tough? He smiles CONSTANTLY. He rarely cries. He gets into things...but not near what other kids get into. I don't have my cabinets locked and he RARELY gets into things. He listens (more often then not) when I say no. He doesn't dart or run from me. Yes, he does scream. But, only when he wants something. And, it's very specific. It's his form of communicating. He's happy ALL the time. He loves everyone. He sleeps all night most of the time. EASY. He's EASY. (thanks, mom).

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"helping" me make homemade rolls.

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First, he does this.

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And then I turn around and see this....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

Is anyone else shocked that The Bachelor sent Jillian home?


Henry was hospitalized last year on January 26. But this week, winter break, last year all my kids got sick w/ high fevers, cough, and croup. We were supposed to go to the water park in Erie, PA last year and had to cancel. This is winter break week yet again. Good to know if we are going to be sick every year on break week. Note to self: don't make vacation plans for this week...ever! What is it w/ this time of year?

On the mend...I think....

Yesterday was a rough day for my little guy. We saw his pediatrician in the AM (she called and checked on him in the evening. Said she had him on her mind and wanted to check on him. Isn't she wonderful?) At the office yesterday and at home, he was held constantly. And, he hardly picked his head up off of my shoulder. Very , very different then his normal behavior. The pediatrician and his fave nurse kept saying...WOW! He must be sick. This isn't our Henry. She said that she thought he had an adenovirus that's going around all over. High fever for 5 days. But, she also said he sounded very wheezy. Surprising to me, because he's not even coughing. She did a breathing treatment in the office and said he sounded MUCH better. So, she expected that in the next few days he will have bronchiolitis. I'm now nebbing him 3 times a day. It makes me a little nervous, because it was almost a year ago to this day that Henry spent a week in the hospital w/ RSV and bronchiolitis. February is stinky. Bonus side to him being sick: he slept 19 hours of the day yesterday. Doesn't that rock? 2 three hour naps and he slept 13 hours last night, before I woke him up to take the big boys to soccer camp. My big boys NEVER sleep when they're sick. NEVER. I'm loving this turn of events :). Henry seems a little bit better today. Smiling periodically. Pointing his finger. Screaming when he wants something. My little guy again.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My sick little guy...

I went to the gym twice last week and took Emmett and Henry. It felt really, really good and the boys did great. Today Henry woke up w/ a 102 degree fever. Coincidence? I think not. This is why my kids don't go to daycare. Good news is that it is the weekend and Eddie's off tomorrow, so I was able to go to the gym today and I'm meeting w/ my trainer again tomorrow. My baby boy is pretty sick. As I said he woke up w/ a fever of 102 (no other symptoms) went back to bed a few hours later. It was during this time that I ran to the store and gym. When I got home, Henry was still asleep. 5 hours later!!! Seriously. Eddie didn't check on him!!! We had the monitor on and it was up loudly. He said he could hear him off and on moving around. I immediately went up to check on him and he woke upon me coming in. He then had a temp of 104. He seemed OK. He walked around and played, but then fell asleep in my arms 1 1/2 hours later. We kind of kept him up.....and he went to bed around 630. So, he slept all night. Was up for 2 hours. Slept for 5. Up for 4 (w/ a brief nap in between) and is now back asleep. Poor guy is sick. He's also at seizure age. It's going to be a long night.

Friday, February 13, 2009

You just might win.....

A friend of mine from Colorado sells beautiful, beautiful stuff (stuff doesn't seem like quite the right word to describe her items, but my brain is fried) on an etsy site, bushel and a peck. She's been up and running for a year and I wanted to let you know about a giveaway she's having to celebrate her one year anniversary, because you might win. And, trust me, you want her "stuff". Go to her website it's posted on the right in my links, Bushel and a Peck. Or, he's the link if you just want to click Never mind. I'm not sure why you can't just click on the site here, but anyway...go to her link on the right, check out her blog, and "stuff", and leave a comment. The drawing is on Monday. First prize wins a $100 gift certificate to her store AND a $100 gift certificate to Antrhopologie. Pretty awesome, eh?

Breakfast food help

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Henry has turned into a picky eater. My big boys are kind of picky although they eat lots of different foods. They eat what I cook for dinner every night, probably because they learned early on that they eat what I cook or they don't eat. Some of our dinner meals: chicken and polenta, tortellini soup, taco soup, chili, steak, round steak, potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, beans, chicken and rice, teriyaki chicken, spaghetti, manicotti. And, I make everything from scratch. No canned spaghetti sauce for me. It's healthier (and cheaper) to do it from scratch and since I feed the kids M & M's the rest of the day, I like them to have a semi-healthy breakfast and dinner. But, they will only eat these foods, if I cook them. They love my chili...yours, they won't touch. So, they eat a variety of foods, but they are picky. Owen has a particular aversion to fruit and cold foods (except ice cream and popsicles). No yogurt, cheese, pudding, jelly, lunch meat, etc. Nothing cold. I make him soup for lunch everyday. And, there is no fruit he will eat. None. But, he doesn't mind vegetables so much. Anyway, I've been feeding Henry a larger variety of foods then my big boys, because he would eat it. But, no longer. And, I'm particularly stumped w/ breakfast foods. Normally, I would give him yogurt, blueberries, bananas, and a whole grain waffle. He will no longer touch yogurt, blueberries, or bananas. The waffle goes over so-so. He won't touch oatmeal. And, when I give him cereal w/ a little milk, he'll take a bite or two before dumping it. The only thing he eats well for breakfast now is scrambled eggs. I don't always have time in the AM to make them, so I need more suggestions. Do you have breakfast ideas: quick, fast, and healthy?

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The only one in our house that sleeps halfway decently...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleep Study.

Anyone that knows our family (even a little bit) knows that our boys are crummy sleepers. They both have different issues but they are equally troublesome. Our ENT recommended that Emmett have a sleep study last summer because he snored like an obese 80 year old smoker. And, just about the time that we had the sleep study scheduled last summer, he stopped snoring. So, I canceled it. Fast forward to now. Emmett snores intermittently. Not always, but when he does, it's loud and I can hear him stop breathing. He also sleeps a decent amount, but he ALWAYS seems tired. If I could lay down and take a nap w/ him every day, he would nap everyday. He's an extreme early bird. Goes to bed at 6 pm every night and rarely sleeps past 5 AM. Owen is the exact opposite (which pretty much describes their personalities in every way). He is an insomniac. He sleeps very little (for an 8 year old). He is up numerous times during the night. I don't think he demands a whole lot of sleep, because he never seems very tired. He fights bedtime EVERY single night. He functions quite well on 7-8 hours of sleep. This CAN NOT be normal for an 8 year old. Of course, he's far from a normal 8 year old. But in addition to all of this, he started wetting the bed again 2 years ago after NOT wetting the bed for 2 years. Weird, very weird. And, when all that started 2 years ago we saw a urologist, nephrologist, and psychologist (who said he was probably the happiest child she had ever met). The urologist said he had a meatal stenosis, which is essentially a webbing of the tip of the penis that will require surgery someday. But, she couldn't guarantee that the surgery would stop the bedwetting, so until he has to have it done, we're not doing it. Sorry, I'm digressing...the pediatrician said that kids can have bedwetting if they're having apneic episodes at night. So, that is why we scheduled sleep studies.
The day of the sleep studies we were to arrive at the clinic at 930 pm. Both of us had to go. One parent per patient. My mom stayed home w/ Henry for the night. As I said, Emmett goes to bed EARLY so keeping him up until 930 took so much effort. Owen never gets tired. He's up to 1130 pm at least a few times every month and would be fine staying up later. When Emmett is tired, he lays down and goes to sleep. Immediately. Wherever we are. So, it was an EFFORT to keep him awake. But, we did it. Once we got there they put each of us in separate rooms that are set up to look like bedrooms and put what seemed like a kajillion electrical probes on the kids. They had to have nasal cannula like probes in their nose (it measured CO2 output) and pulse oximetry probes on their fingers. They had to wear these things all night. Poor, uncomfortable kids. My night was not a good one. Our sleep technician was in our room what seemed like constantly. Emmett's probe came off constantly and they had to be reattached. At 330 AM, the technician woke me up and wanted me to change his pull up, because he said sometimes kids don't sleep well when they are wet. So, I changed him. The technician said it didn't help. We didn't let him go to bed until about 1015 that night, but he was up at 5 AM as always. The technician said that Emmett was really, really active in REM sleep and that's very unusual for children his age. He also said that he had a few respiratory episodes, but didn't really elaborate. There was also a camera in the room, so we were continuously watched. Kind of spooky. The whole test is scored based on the input from all of the probes. We won't have the results for two weeks. Eddie didn't have a lot of detail about Owen. His technician didn't give him any information and Eddie didn't ask any questions (MEN!). She did say that she could tell when Owen was dreaming. And, that it took him a while to fall asleep (not shocking....). We were out the door by 6 AM.

Eddie slept w/ Owen while I slept w/ Emmett. We were on opposite sides of the building and had different technicians assigned to each of us. Owen's technician wouldn't let him sleep in the bed w/ him. He had to sleep in the recliner. My technician let me sleep in the bed w/ Emmett :).
Emmett was so uncomfortable. Poor guy.


Already asleep.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good-bye, Mama.

My mom left early this AM and I spent the rest of the day, in between tears, trying to remember where my laundry room and dish soap is located. We had SUCH a wonderful time. And, I (and the boys) miss her already. I suspect Eddie misses her, too, because when she's here I don't call him at work a thousand times. And, I don't call every 5 minutes starting around 5 pm saying, "When ya coming home?" "When ya coming home?". We got TONS done while she was here. Between me and the boys, I squeezed in 7 doctor visits, 2 sleep studies (more on that later), 1 trip to the lab, 1 xray, 1 surgery (Owen's teeth pulled), 2 visits w/ my personal trainer, 2 days of volunteering in Owen and Emmett's classes, 1 car at the shop all day, 2 movies at the theater, one day w/ Eddie (alone!), 3 days of work, and 1 parent teacher conference. These are all glorious things done w/ out kiddos tagging along. Or, really nice to do (doctor's visits) w/ only one kiddo. In my mom's spare time, she completely cleaned my basement including going through every single tupperware, sorting, and making a garage sale pile. She scrubbed things that I'm not sure have ever been cleaned (like the top of our living room ceiling fan), and the bottoms of my boys mattresses. But, one of my fave things about having her here is sitting on the couch in the evening, watching TV and chatting. I love my mom. I'm so lucky.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

My mom and I saw Slumdog Millionaire today. 2 big thumbs up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thawing out....

Bville is warming up, y'all.......a high of 49 degrees! WOW! Now, I know that this is not a warm up like many of you, my friends, are experiencing. Yes, yes I know. You in Fort Collins had three days last week of 65 degrees. Yes, I know St. Louis was 70 degrees today. I get it. But, the weather here stinks, remember? So, 49 degrees is something to get excited about. Owen had two soccer games today and in between I made the kids go outside briefly. It stinks though, because there is still SO MUCH snow that the kids can't really ride their bikes or run around. So, short of putting snow suits on there's not much the kids can do outside. STINKS! The best piece of news I can get from this so called warm up is that (hopefully) the worst part of winter is over. (hopefully) We will see grass soon. (hopefully) It won't be long before I can send my kids outside to play without them spending an hour getting dressed and undressed. One huge difference between the first child and third child: this was the first time Henry has touched snow. I am NOT putting him in a big snowsuit and dragging him outside. NOT A CHANCE! Of course, I did w/ Owen. I couldn't wait to see his reaction. Now, I'm old enough and wise enough to know that his time will come soon enough. And, he's certainly not missing what he doesn't know to miss.

He's just like the rest of us!

Snow sucks!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 of my favorite people...

467694184_owen and teresa, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Amy took some wonderful photos of some of my favorite people today. This is one of my favorites. My boys like my mom like no other. I'm so lucky.


467698779_img_9180, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

I'm not sure if you can see these little guy's HUGE belly through his shirt? It's HUGE!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kick for Nick

026, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

At the soccer center this weekend, they were having a soccer ball drive in honor of a soldier named Nick. This soldier was serving in Iraq and had a vision to bring soccer balls to Iraq for the children to play with. He gathered soccer balls and brought them and shortly after that was killed. His wife is carrying on his legacy by collecting soccer balls to send to Iraq. So, we brought a soccer ball for Owen's team to sign and donate. Being at the soccer center all day as we are, Henry saw the box of balls and wanted in. I put him in and he played for a while. The soldier's wife saw him in the box and asked if she could take photos of him and post those during her soccer drives coming up. Of course....who wouldn't want to donate a soccer ball when you see this cutie pie's face in the collection box?

Kick For Nick

029, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

The new me!

I am tired of being house bound. Snow sucks. Winter sucks. It's so wonderful that my mom is here's really helping to break up the winter blahs. But, I have to make sure I don't go back to hibernating as soon as she leaves. Literally, I could spend DAYS in my pajamas. Not going anywhere. Not doing anything. And, while I enjoy it for a day or two. Past that it's not good for me. Not good for mental health. So, while my mom was here I decided it was time to join a gym. Everywhere else we've lived I've worked out. It's not just the exercising. It's the hour to myself during the day. The quiet. Endorphins. So, I joined the gym that most of my friends around here belong to. It's very reasonably priced. 99 dollars for a one time fee and then 9 dollars a month for as long as you're a member. Plus, there is child care for one dollar per child. In addition, two free hours w/ a personal trainer is included. So, today I did it. And, now I'm in LOVE w/ my personal trainer. WOW! It was great (even though I'm having trouble walking). He was SO reassuring and convincing, but yet he still pushed me to keep going. It was a little embarrassing. He weighed me, body fat, measurements, etc. But, he said that he would have never guessed that I weigh what I do. (brownie points). And, that my body fat percentage isn't THAT bad (more brownie points). And, that I don't have to lose as much weight as I think that I do (brownie points). AND, at one point while I was doing leg weights he added weights and said, "Are you sure you haven't worked out in a while." (brownie points). And, he said I wasn't the fattest person he has ever trained (extra, extra brownie points :)). It was kind of funny. I had three friends that were there the same time that I was this AM. They kept waving at me :). So, I signed up for 14 more half hour sessions. Hopefully, that will be incentive enough to get me out the door during this NASTY winter.


Owen finally fell asleep around at 1030 last night. I woke him at 8 this AM. He didn't seem at all tired. So be it...

Sunday, February 1, 2009


We had a super busy weekend and I will update soon. For now, I'm exhausted. And, it's 9 pm and Owen is still not asleep and he's absolutely fighting going to sleep (yet again, as is our nightly pattern). This may not sound like a huge deal, but let me give you a quick summary of yesterday. Owen (and Emmett) had piano lessons and then we spent 7 hours at the soccer center. Owen had 4 games. Then, we came home for an hour and took Owen to a birthday party. Then, we went to the semi-pro soccer game and didn't get home and in bed to 1130 pm. Emmett and Henry were sleeping and the neighbor boy came over and babysat. BUT, this is why I'm losing my mind. As I said, Owen is still awake (now at 9:15 pm). He went to bed last night at 1130 pm and was up at 7 this AM for a grand total of 7.5 hours of sleep (keep in mind that's after 4 soccer games, piano lesson, and a birthday party). He is STILL awake at 9:15. This is what he does. And, it can't be normal for a 8 year old. What to do? What to do?