Friday, April 15, 2011

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Grandma came and stayed w/ us for 3 weeks during Henry's surgery and recovery. She was only supposed to stay 2, but extended her visit when Henry wasn't doing well. I'm not quite sure how we would have managed without her.....

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Henry's rough month...

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My baby boy hasn't had it easy. Henry had surgery on March 18 to repair an epigastric hernia, remove his tonsils and his adenoids, and put tubes in. 12 days before the surgery - that we had planned for a long time - he had pneumonia and bilateral ear infections. There was talk that we would have to reschedule his surgery, but thankfully, they rechecked his lungs days before and said they were clear enough to proceed. And then,they also discovered he had thrush (which he's also had before - due to all his asthma meds and antibiotics), and then they weren't sure they would do the procedure because of the thrush. OH MY GOODNESS!!!
Thankfully, they did. 2 surgeons worked in tandem to take care of all 4 procedures. The poor baby didn't tolerate it very well. I wasn't surprised. The ENT wasn't surprised. Henry doesn't eat or drink well on a good day. His pediatrician and his pulmonologist are forever trying to push Pediasure on him (but...I can't quite figure out why they think he would drink pediasure if he won't eat or drink real food? That stuff is nasty!) He's only gained 1 pound over the last 6 months, and he was underweight to start with. His surgery was scheduled for 8 AM. We arrived at the hospital at 630 AM, and the surgery was pushed back until 1030. It wasn't until 10 AM that he asked if he could have a drink of something. He never mentioned food. The kid doesn't eat or drink well on a good day. I KNEW he wouldn't tolerate the surgery well!
Anyway, to make a long story short, Henry spent 4 days in the hospital before he would eat or drink enough that they let him come home. I'm sure glad the whole thing is over!

This photo was taken before he went back for surgery. He had no idea what was coming....

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Immediately following surgery...

Poor baby....

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Notice on his belly where they repaired his epigastric hernia.

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We took lots of rides in the children's wagon to the fish tank. There also was a Cold Stone Creamery and Tim Horton's down the hall from his room. We spent way too much time and money at Cold Stone trying to get Henry to eat. He would say that he wanted to eat a certain flavor of ice cream, so we would get it (because we would have tried anything!), and he would take a bite and be done. Guess who would finish eating it?

Days 3 and 4

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On days 3 and 4, they stopped IV fluids in hopes that it would encourage him to drink more. He still has an IV in his left hand, but there are no fluids attached. Next time he has surgery, I need to remember to request that they put his IV in his right hand. He's left handed and the IV in his left hand bothered him almost as much as anything else. Notice his mangy looking dog, Moppett, snuggling next to him. Henry got that dog from a friend when he was in the ICU at St. Louis Children's Hospital. It's been his lovey ever since.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


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Post - op tonsils, adenoids, tubes, and epigastric hernia requires 2 weeks home following surgery. The poor baby had a really rough time when we got home. 12 hours after we got home - he started vomiting (during the middle of the night) and continued to vomit for a total of 11 times. Because he was already not eating and drinking well, his ENT doc wanted to readmit him for more IV fluids and to rule out the possibility of him having an ileus. He even said we could skip the ER, and he could be directly admitted to the chidlren's floor of the hospital. But by that point, he has stopped throwing up, so I talked him into letting us wait. We talked to the ENT a whole lot those next few days. He gave me his cell phone, and called me no less than a couple of times a day. He's operated on all of my children, and knows me and my family well. He very much knows that I often wait too long to bring my kids in when they are sick, so he was really worried (remember when Owen had that neck infection and I took him to the ER and it was busy, so we left? 6 hours later that same ENT called an ambulance from his office for Owen and admitted him to the hospital for 3 days of IV antibiotics after his airway almost closed). And when Henry started bleeding the next day (the day after vomiting) and was drinking and eating very little again, he threatened to personally come and pick him up and bring him back to the hospital :). I talked him into giving me ONE MORE DAY. I promised that if he vomited one more time, or if he started bleeding again, or if he wouldn't eat or drink, I would bring him back. And, guess what? 3 days after we got home from the hospital - one week after his surgery, he turned things around. He started eating and drinking - though not much. But, enough. It took a full 10 days before he stopped complaining about his mouth hurting, though. It was 10 full days before he stopped waking up in the middle of the night crying that his mouth hurt.

It was a really, really long 2 weeks. To occupy our time, we opened up a big box and poured flour all over it for him to drive his cars through. Entertainment at any cost....

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And...lots of time watching big brother playing ipod touch (and playing it by himself when his big brother isn't watching). Henry got a nice - brand new leapster - that I thought might entertain him. I was wrong. He only wants to play the itouch. He can play angry birds better than your average teenager. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous - but he may be getting an itouch for Christmas. Owen came down w/ strep throat one week after getting home from the hospital. His tonsils are next to come out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally - new photos of the bathroom!

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Our house is completely finished - and I'll try to post photos...this is the boy's new bathroom - the bathroom that originally flooded. We replaced the toilet. Replaced the flooring w/ sandstone? silestone? something like that.....(love it!). It's like tile - and even has grout in between - but it's not as hard or cold. Replaced the toilet. Replaced light fixtures. Replaced counter top. Painted vanity white and replaced the knobs. Oh - and painted it BRIGHT YELLOW! My mom hates the color. My hubby loves it. I think it's appropriate for 3 little boys!

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1-2-3 towel hooks. I'm hopeful they can keep track of their own towels w/ numbered help (Owen's #1.....)

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I painted our oak vanity white and replaced the countertops and knobs.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where we've been....

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since I've last posted. My mom has been here for 3 weeks, and just left. Now, that she's gone - I promised her that I would try to update more often. I'm gonna try. Promise.

My little diplomat

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Owen presented me with this letter last week. What was I to do when presented with such a letter? We're rethinking our family law :)