Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's not working!

The link in my post below isn't always working when you click on it. So, if you can't get it to work and you would like to donate, send me an email (, and I'll send you the link - email format. It's working that way.

Will you sponsor me?

In 6 short days, I am running in A Race For The Cure. I's crazy. I am not a runner. I have never been a runner. But, in 6 short days I'm running a 5K. For those of you that run, that's not a big race - I know that. But, for me, who's never run before - it's huge. 3.2ish miles. I don't like to run. My mind wanders. I get bored. Every step of the way I'm all, "OMG! I can't do this. I'm dying. I can't breathe.". But yet, in 6 days, I'm running.

I've been doing the couch to 5K program on my iphone and I'm on week 8. It has me running 28 minutes - and this gets me about 2.5 miles. I haven't run as much as I wanted to in the past 2 weeks, since my mom left, because I just haven't had the opportunity. But, in 6 days, I'm running.

I don't intend on running fast. I don't intend on winning. I do intend in staying in a consistent jogging, forward motion. And, I do intend on not coming in last. I will not walk. I will not stop.

I am running in A Race for the Cure, a national campaign to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I would love to raise money for this great cause. And, I would love for you to sponsor me. I have not personally been affected by breast cancer, but I'm young and I'm female and I have lots of friends and family. I know it won't be long before it impacts my life.

Would you please go to this link and donate to this fabulous cause:

Any little bit helps. Thank you in advance :)

PS Did I mention that Owen is running the kids competitive 5K? He's gonna smoke me!