Sunday, May 31, 2009

HSP - Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

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We ended up at the ER today w/ Owen. Thankfully, we got to go home :).

Owen had a fever of 102.5 again this AM and instead of complaining of stomach pain (as he did yesterday) was complaining of back pain. He also had this rash. This photo is the back of his leg where it started (he's now covered in it). And, the rash was spreading. It didn't itch. It wasn't raised. But, most concerning was that it didn't blanch. I'm a nurse. I know that that's not a good thing. He was covered in petechiae. I know that that is one of the initial findings in a lot of bad things: childhood leukemia, septicemia, etc. But, I called my neighbor friend 2 houses down (Em's best buddy's mom) who was a peds nurse (in her previous life - before kids). Anyway, she took one look at it and said that he needs to be in the ER.

So, I called my pediatrician who said the same thing and off we went. The chief resident had the same concerns that I did and wanted to make sure that he wasn't bleeding from anywhere else: nose, gums, etc. Petechiae is essentially bleeding under your skin. It's when the little capillaries under your skin break and you bleed under your skin. It's often a sign of low platelets. She was impressed enough w/ his rash that she asked Owen's permission to bring in other doctors who may not have ever seen petechiae before. She immediately wanted to rule out leukemia w/ a blood test. She also did blood cultures and urinalysis and put an IV in...just in case.

Thankfully, his blood tests came back perfect. So, final diagnosis: HSP - Henoch -Sconlein Purpura, an autoimmune disorder that's rare (of course) but usually follows an upper respiratory infection by 2 weeks (remember he had pneumonia two weeks ago?). Most people recover w/ no problem. But, a small few have kidney involvement. She said to watch him carefully the next few days for signs that it might be getting worse: joint pain, blood in his urine. And, we have to go to the pediatrician 2 times this week for another urinalysis to make sure he doesn't have protein in his urine (a sign that there is know kidney involvement). If it gets worse, they'll admit him to the hospital for IV steroids.

Interestingly, HSP doesn't usually occur w/ a high fever like he has. So, the doctor thought that perhaps he has 2 separate things going on. The HSP a result from his infection 2 weeks ago. The fever - a result of a new infection.

Remember how I was about to lose my mind??? Believe it or not, I feel better. I'm just so happy that's it's not the things that it could have been.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bville Memorial Day Parade

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Today was our fourth year in a row marching in the annual Bville Memorial Day Parade w/ Prebysterian Nursery School. It'll be our last year marching w/ the preschool (at least until Henry goes to school). The boys LOVE marching in it. It's a super small parade: fire engines, band, local beauty queens, YMCA, boy/girl scouts, etc. But we throw lots of candy and the boys LOVE doing it. It seems like most of Bville comes out for it. It was a gorgeous evening. Sunny w/ a high today of 71. Great day for a long walk....

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Emmett (on the left) w/ his buddies, Keaton and Carson Spindler, checking out a fire truck.

Over the bridge

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Almost out of candy.....walking over the bridge......Emmett's in blue shirt and khaki shorts.

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Loving my little men.....

Have you noticed....

why there are NO photos of Owen in our Memorial Day Parade? Let me tell you...


Owen woke up this AM w/ a fever of 103. Stomach ache, headache.....

Since he and the rest of my family are ALREADY on antibiotics for this nasty upper respiratory infection, he must have a virus. Swine flue is still going around this are. My kids are sure to catch anything going around, so I wonder.....

At any rate, I wouldn't let him leave the couch today. No soccer game. No parade. He still has a high fever this evening. Holding his head over a bucket (no puke yet...)

I may very well not leave my house this week either once the virus goes through everyone in my house........

Seriously, about to LOSE MY MIND!


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Hasn't he gotten handsome? And, have I mentioned lately how easy he is to love? He pretty much answers my every demand w/ "OK, mama." And, if I say no to one of his requests and he doesn't like it and says "but, mama....", all I have to say is "Emmett, I said no." And, he says, "OK, mama." EASY. He's kind. Sweet. Cleans when I ask him to. Doesn't complain. Helps w/ Henry. Goes to EVERYONE of Owen's games without complaining. Goes to the gym without complaining. And, since I'm becoming unraveled at the seams...slowly and surely....I don't, honest to goodness, know what I would do if my middle man wasn't so EASY. Thanks, middle man.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't miss it.

My layout cut out some of the best parts. Click on the picture and it will enlarge to show the whole thing. You don't want to miss it.

The top of the letter

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Take an 8 year old struggling with independence - add in a sprinkle of exhaustion - illness- and oral steroids and inhaled steroids and what do you get? A MAJOR argument tonight about Doritos. The condensed version: Owen didn't eat dinner. Wanted Doritos. We said no. Crying. Screaming. He was sent to his room and this is the letter he wrote. Scroll down for the best part of the letter :)

Don't you love that he signed his name making sure to include his last name? Just in case I was going to confuse him w/ another Owen.

This was my favorite part of the letter!

015, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

But, on the positive side...

Owen and Emmett can both swallow pills now!!! It's absolutely awesome. No more liquid prednisone that tastes absolutely horrid. No more liquid zyrtec. It rocks. As Owen says, "Put the pill on your tongue. Take a swish of liquid. The pill catches a wave and rides it on down...."

It's the little milestones that sometimes are the most exciting :).

He doesn't look sick...

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I wish I had something else to blog about other than sick kids. But, no such luck. Owen got sick on Friday: runny nose, headache, stomachache, etc.... Took him to our fabulous pediatrician and she said his lungs sounded yucky (even though he wasn't yet coughing) and that he had an ear infection (although, he hadn't yet complained about his ear either). She thought he might have a pneumonia beginning. Put him on antibiotics, prednisone, and lots of nebulizer treatments and now, 5 days later, he's doing well.

I got sick on Sunday. Cough, runny nose, sore throat. I'm sure it's the same upper respiratory infection as Owen. And, I can't really complain. It's been a LONG time since I've had one. I'm going to see if I can avoid antibiotics and the doctor for myself. And, since I don't have asthma and colds don't usually go to my lungs, I'm probably good. Although I feel like sh** now.

Emmett developed his horrible cough last night. It sounds a bit croupy, but I don't think it's croup. I think it's an asthma cough. He goes to the pediatrician this afternoon.

Henry's nose is disgusting. I figure we have 2 days before he starts coughing and gets another ear infection.

Sorry for the boring sick news...same old, same, so tired of it.

Listen to these horrible statistics. Since January we have had 5 weeks (only 5 weeks) that we have not visited the pediatrician's office (not counting the 2 weeks we were in Eville - and in the hospital). That is 5 weeks out of 22!!! OMG! That means we have visited our pediatrician's office 17 out of the last 22 weeks. Some weeks more then once. And, even worse, we have had ZERO weeks that we have not visited a doctor of some speciality (allergy/asthma, dermatology, eye doctor, cardiology, etc. I need a good luck charm. A witch casting a good spell. A leprechaun. Something. Anything.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Henry at 18 months

Amy took some great photos of Henry on Saturday. We went to this train track (that I think is sometimes "active") and walked around a bit. Henry, who is quite possibly, the smiliest, friendliest baby you'd ever meet was pretty sober this morning. The picture on the left is the only one w/ his "true" smile. I think maybe there was so many new, interesting things to look at that he didn't want to even look at the camera. He kept pointing at the train and saying "choo choo".

18 months

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How I failed to have a daughter by Kylie Orr

Thanks, Elizabeth for posting this wonderful article. This is my exact thoughts and feelings and furthermore explains to everyone how I do not in anyway shape or form regret not having a daughter. I don't feel like I'm missing out. And, if for any (not intended) reason should we become pregnant again, I would, honest to goodness, hope for a boy as much as girl. My boys have one another. Brothers. A team. I guess what it gets down to is that most people feel as if what they have is the best way to go. So, with this in mind, I'm sad for those that don't have brothers. 3 of a kind. Not knowing any different...this is what I would choose. I'm always trying to come up w/ something clever to say when people ask if we are going to try for a girl. As if having a girl, would somehow make our family "perfect". As if what I have isn't perfect. Because what I have is perfect. I'm sure of that.

How I 'failed' to have a daughter

  • Kylie Orr
  • May 13, 2009
Essential Baby blogger Kylie Orr

Essential Baby blogger Kylie Orr

Until I had my three boys, I didn’t realise that having one of each gender was the pinnacle of parenting. If complete strangers are any sort of gauge, it seems my husband and I have failed dismally in this arena.

I actually thought we were pretty clever for specialising in one variety but it seems there is a pity party out for us because we don’t have a “pink” one.

“Wow, three boys! You have your hands full! Bet you're hoping for a girl next time?”
“Are you going to go back for Number Four to get your daughter?”

Trying to convince complete strangers that I am perfectly content with my family just the way it is, seems to be an otiose exercise. It is assumed I am somehow missing out or lacking because I am the mother of all boys.

I am from a family dominated by the female assortment. I have two sisters (and a brother), my father has two sisters, my mother has two sisters (and a brother). My sister has two daughters. I always assumed I would have a girl. And yes, I know I am not the one who chooses gender but I believed there was a predisposition for girls that ran in my family. An assumption based on nothing remotely scientific.

When my first son popped out, I was surprised and elated, just as I would have had he been the willy-less variety. I never saw it as my exclusive right to have a girl; in fact I never really put much thought into it.

When our second son was born, the pressure mounted. I mean, brothers are lovely and all that, but people assumed we’d be compelled to try for number three so we could “get” this elusive girl. We were always hoping to have three children, so when I was up the duff with said third child, imagine the weight of expectation from family, friends and people I’ve never met in my life – all rooting for me to finally get their long-awaited for girl. Perhaps rooting isn't the best choice of words.

“I know you love your boys, but wouldn’t a girl be nice?” was one family member’s comment. I am certain it was harmless and came from a good place but it takes away from the child that is due to be born. They have been dunked by a wave of a disappointment before they’re even in the world.

And yes, a daughter would have been just as loved and adored as our third son. It would have been different. We’d have lots more pink stuff in the house and perhaps more fairy princess garb. And I wouldn’t be so outnumbered.

The other all-time great line is "A daughter is yours for life; a son is yours until he finds a wife." A saying that is not only ridiculous and inaccurate but based on the notion that children are our belongings. I don't know about you, but my children are on loan. Sometimes I think they have been loaned by the devil as a test to my patience, but most of the time I see them as borrowed from the child-Gods. We have the honour of raising them (or completely ruining them!) and then we hopefully hand them over to the world as well-balanced, empathic and responsible adults.

I know parents of girls get the same kind of mindless babble but it seems to be more directed at the husband who seems to have “lost out” because he never got a son. No-one to kick a footy with in the back yard; no-one to carry on the family name. I often hear “wait til they’re teenagers” bandied about when people are made aware of an all-girl family. I was actually a very reasonable teenager. My brother was the challenge in our household.

Parents of “both” genders have occasionally dropped the “aren’t we clever” comments which I find hilarious. Like you had anything to do with it. If the gender of your offspring was a measure of IQ, then I think we need to rewrite the history books.

One of the carers from my son’s crèche, let’s call her Jenny, told me her daughter just had her fourth son. When he was born, the mother cried and so did Jenny, “We all just so wanted a girl” Jenny said. “But he's lovely all the same.” I was horrified. Imagine being that child. Maybe he’ll never know that was his mum’s (and grandmother's) response when he was born, but shouldn’t a child be welcomed in to the world with big open arms because of (or in spite of) what falls between their legs?

I accept gender disappointment is a real thing. Some people long for a particular gender for many reasons; many that we may never understand. Perhaps your relationship with your own mother was dysfunctional, so you’d prefer a son to a daughter? Conversely you may have a strong bond with your mother and would love a daughter to forge the same relationship? Maybe you’d love to be an AFL star but have passed your prime so would like to live vicariously through your son who you hope will be a superstar athlete? Maybe you just really like pink? Or blue?

It would be frivolous to dismiss the momentary sadness of never having a daughter. This is not to take away from any of my gorgeous boys, but having a daughter was always something I thought I would have. When I delve deeper and think about the reason I would like a daughter, that's where the irrational thought process blows the Richter scale. I would have liked a daughter because I like to shop and have coffee in cafes. Wow, could there be a more superficial reason? Whose to say any daughter of mine would like to do the same? Whose to say one of my sons won’t enjoy meeting his old mum for a coffee in a café now and again? And, um, what happened to friends and sisters? And husbands?! Plenty of people for me to have a shop and a coffee with! Actually, I retract the statement about my husband. He hates shopping and taps his foot all the way through a cafe visit as a way to accelerate the process.

Ultimately, none of this is logical. Just because you have a girl, does not mean she will like pink, want to wear fairy dresses, enrol in tap dancing or go shopping with her mum. A boy will not necessarily roll around the backyard, kicking a footy with his dad and build stuff. Above all else, they are people. They have personalities exclusive to them, they are not merely gender stereotypes. Girls play football. Boys like to read. Weird, isn’t it.

I know some people would just like to experience parenting what they don’t already have but isn’t this endemic of our society? Always wanting something we haven’t got? Maybe it’s all that advertising that shows the perfect little pigeon pair next to the perfectly groomed parents in their display-home house with their celebrity-chef-inspired-dinners? Painting pictures of a better life if you just had that bigger house, that nicer car, that pretty daughter, that handsome son...

The compulsion for people to comment on the make up of your family is endless. I am told it is not exclusive to us “one gender” families. People who have one of each are told they don’t need to have any more because they apparently have everything now. People with single children are labelled as selfish or cruel for not giving their child a sibling. People with large families are recommended to stop breeding by passers-by!

For people who have trouble conceiving, have lost children or have had ill babies, I am sure the gender debate is not just superficial but offensive. A healthy baby is what we’d all love, surely?

So, if you feel the need to make a comment on a family’s makeup, just as a way of filling a gap in conversation, perhaps take a breath and... shut up!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Owen and school update..

Here's an abbreviated update about Owen and his school year as many of you have been asking.

I ended up meeting w/ Owen's principal after being unable to get a conference w/ Owen's teacher. Owen had been really complaining about school again January through April. BORING...he said. He was in tears before school and in tears after school. It was really starting to get old. So, I had to do something. I emailed Owen's teacher about a conference and was told that he couldn't get back to me for one month, but he could communicate via email. I thought that was a little strange...I mean I should be able to get a conference w/ his teacher if I wanted to, correct? We've only officially spoken at one other conference in October. But he wanted to email, so I emailed him my concerns and 9 days later I STILL hadn't heard from him. So...I went to the principal w/ my concerns.

I have to say that I wish I had spoken to her at the beginning of the year. She was really interested, caring, and helpful. She said that extra enrichment activities should be available to those kids that need those opportunities and they do pull kids out in 4th or 5th grade for extra enrichment, and even though they have never pulled kids out in the younger levels she wouldn't be opposed to it. In the meantime, she arranged for a conference w/ Owen's teacher, myself, and her and again, I wish we had talked about all these concerns months ago.

It's a little after the fact, because now Owen's very content in school. They have started division, multiplication, and cursive and he's very happy going to school now. This just reinforces to me that it is possible for him to be happy at school and he's not just complaining to be complaining. He really is bored and now that he's learning something new, he's no longer bored. His teacher is sending home a packet of extra enrichment activiites every week now. This was one of the things Owen really wanted...homework. And, Owen's presenting a power point presentation to the class next week that he's been working on for a while now (about tornados)....complete w/ a multiple choice test he developed himself.

This is a good lesson for me. I really wish I had advocated for him earlier and I will certainly be dealing w/ this at the principal level early next year if problems arise. I feel like now that Owen's teacher and principal are aware of Owen being bored and wanting more that they are more then willing to help. I shouldn't have waited. Lesson learned.

Owen's happy dance

This is how excited Owen was on Tuesday when he came home w/ extra homework :). Weird...I know.

Thankful for health insurance...

but still unhappy w/ what I have to pay :(. Henry's 4 day hospital stay cost over $13,000! Owen's 2 day hospital (in the same month) cost $4000! My inpatient hospital co-pay is $400 and I'm thankful. But, I still OWE $800 this month! UGH!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tom Chapin concert......

004, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We had a wonderful day today. Busy, but wonderful. At 830 this morning, we headed to Syracuse for a Tom Chapin concert. If you have a child between the ages of 3-9 get yourself a Tom Chapin CD. My boys LOVE Tom Chapin and the concert was absolutely wonerful (I pulled Owen out of school). This was an event w/ my Mommy N Me group and our good friend the Spindlers joined us. It was so, so good. Then I took the boys to school, took Henry in for his 18 month check up, picked Emmett up from school, got Owen off the bus and took him to lacrosse. I'm exhausted. In a good way.....

Sheila and Henry

002, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My baby boy ADORES my good friend, Sheila. She babysits him when I work, although that's not a lot....but we do see each other frequently. Anyway, whenever we see her, he climbs in her lap or wants her to hold him. Sheila has a three month old, Katie, and this has thrown Henry off a bit. He likes her and is very interested in her, but gets a bit possessive of Sheila and I. At the concert today, Sheila was holding Katie and he wanted her to be holding him. So, I ended up w/ Katie (for a few wonderful baby snuggles) while Sheila held Henry. It wasn't long before he didn't want me to hold her either, so we switched back. Funny!

006, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Carson trying to contain Henry...

Henry's half birthday

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18 months old today. Shocking. I sign Henry up for preschool in January (to start in September 2010). Isn't that nuts? Gotta tell you...I'm ok w/ him getting older because he's a handful right now. Just trying to put my make up on yesterday (and seriously...I don't put a lot on), he threw three different things into the toilet. He doesn't seem to enjoy playing w/ toys, although he does drive cars a bit. He spends most of the day in the toilet, trying to climb on the table, pounding on the computer, crawling in the dishwasher, and soaking my floor by holding down the water thing on my refrigerator. All in a day's work.....

18 month stats:

24 pounds1 ounce- 25th%
33 inches - 80th %
head - 47 cm (I think)...whatever it was it was 80th%

I think he might end up being a perfect combo of the big boys tall (like Emmett) and skinny (like Owen).

He's still not a huge talker. He has about 10 words: mom, dad, shoe, ball, juice, more, doo doo (his pacifier), cheese, please...that might be it. I'm really surprised that he doesn't say Owen or Emmett yet. They are his world.

Owen playing lacrosse?

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Owen started lacrosse tonight and WOW! what a production. Did you know that to play lacrosse you need a helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, lacrosse stick, balls, and a cup??? Seriously, a cup? What exactly are we protecting at age 8? I originally purchased all this (crap!)...I mean, gear. And, it cost over $200.00! The helmet alone was $110.00. But then a soccer player/friend told us we could use his, so I took all the stuff I bought back.

Anyway, we get to lacrosse (this was his first practice) and I can't figure out how to get all this stuff on. The field is full of lacrosse kiids w/ experience and dads who have played back in the good ole days and this is very obviously, Owen's first experience. So, I approached one of the coaches and asked if he could help w/ the helmet. As he's putting the helmet on Owen, this other man runs up to us and says to that coach, "You must make sure this cherub does not get hurt. He IS the future of Bville soccer". I have NO idea who this man is. None. Just reminds you how small town Bville is. Much like Eville....people talk. It was only a few minutes later when someone else walks up to us and says, "Owen Bauer? Is this Owen Bauer? Are you really doing something other then soccer?". Owen thought it was hilarious. And, it was flattering. But, small town.

Back to the lacrosse...Owen hated it :). Seriously. I'm a little surprised. It's very similar to soccer. But, he didn't like playing w/ all the gear on. And, he never could get his helmet on comfortably w/ his glasses. In addition, he's not very good and I think that bothers him. He's used to being good. He wants to quit and I won't let him. At least through this session. I actually thought he did a really good job. Some of these kids have already been playing for years and he seemed to pick it up quickly and was pushing, shoving and battling for the ball. I think he might change his mind. If he doesn't, well then, I'm glad we didn't have to purchase the equipment.

016, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

The whole lacrosse group. Owen's in the back w/ a soccer shirt on.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going to get Owen..

011, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

On nice days, we walk down to get Owen off the bus. Henry LOVES to hold Owen and Emmett's hands these days and he grabs Owen's hand to walk home. This particular day, he wanted to wear Owen's back-up. It's almost as big as he is and he had a hard time walking. But he did. He thinks he's a BIG BOY!

Henry's helmet

004, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry loves to walk around w/ the boys bike helmet on. He thinks that he is HOT STUFF!

005, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry is going to skip riding a tricycle and a bike w/ training wheels. He's ready for the real deal. Or thinks that he is......

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Middle man's big news.

015, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

His first tooth is gone! He's so, so excited. His mommy is a little sad at how quickly he's growing up.....sniff....

Sorry for the delay...

It's been a week. And it's been a crazy week. Henry and Emmett both improved. But, it took a long time before he FELT better, so I spent a lot of time holding him. In the meantime, I was preparing for a garage sale. All baby stuff MUST GO! You can figure out what that means, can't you? Garage sale is now over and unfortunately, every thing did not go. And, I probably spent more money eating out (no time to cook) then I made in the garage sale. Oh well......we had a great time. It was a group of 6 of my fave Bville friends and this is the third time we've done it together. It is fun. Even if it's not altogether productive. But this is an example of how scattered I'm feeling this week......Eddie and I left at 730 this AM to take Emmett to his soccer game. We left Owen at my house w/ the friends manning the garage sale. The game was set to start at 8, but there was no one there from Em's team. I looked over to the field next to his and noticed OWEN'S coach. SH**!! Owen had a game at 8. NOT EMMETT! I flew home to get Owen and by some miracle, he only missed the first quarter. Scattered...Now, Eddie and I are chilling on the coach. Exhausted. Watching Gray's from Thursday. Which by the way, I'm getting really tired of. Why? Oh, Why? Does it have to make me cry every week? It used to be funny.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The results

Emmett has strep and a sinus infection. Henry has double ear infections. Henry's ENT put him on the ear drops but not the oral antibiotics, because he wants to culture the ear. He wonders if it might be a resistant bug harboring inside his ear and not responding to antibiotics. He did recommend we go ahead and get his adenoids out. I should have the culture back on Wednesday and then we go back in three weeks....

Emmett is on his third strep infection since January. Owen's only had 2 until he gets Emmett's current bug. The ENT said that it's time to pull the tonsils if they have had more then 3 strep infections in a year. We're on 3 in 5 months....bummer.

I'm beginning to wonder if my house is in some way contaminated. But, then I remember that Henry got super sick in Edwardsville, NOT our house. Blows that theory...

More pus...

Henry's ear is draining, yet again. It's been clear all of 10 days. Back to the ENT today. This is now his 7th ear infection in as many months after tubes (UGH!). Taking Emmett to the pediatrician today, too. He still has a fever. And, because of sick kids, no gym for me. Stinks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

007, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My hubby is not big on presents. In fact, he really stinks in the present department. I'm used to it and actually, it's OK. What he does instead is arguably better. He treats me like a queen for the day.

The kids woke me up this AM around 830 (this is sleeping in since my kiddos awakened around 6 AM) w/ my fave drink from Starbucks and a bagel toasted w/ cream cheese. Eddie took the boys out the door, without me knowing, to get the goods at 7 AM.

As I stumbled downstairs, my newspaper was waiting for me. And, even better, I got to read it. This doesn't usually happen until about 8 pm every night.

Anytime the boys asked me a question Eddie repeated, "Your mom is off duty today. What do you need?" It didn't take long before the boys got the idea :). I didn't change diapers. I didn't argue w/ rowdy boys. I went to the gym. Tagged items for our garage sale this weekend. And, enjoyed the activity around me w/o having to "do" anything.

We went to Salsarita's for dinner. It's kind of a Moe's/Qdoba type place. Eddie volunteered to stay home w/ Henry, but I said, "Oh no! We all have to go." Note for next year: let Eddie stay home w/ the baby. There was nothing fun about dinner. Henry screamed and wouldn't stay in his high chair. He climbed from booth, to under the table to tables around him. Emmett spilled his drink. Eddie and I half ate and half tried to ignore the stares of those around us.

Despite this, it was a good day. Kids were in bad early. I'm tagging for the garage sale again. Eddie and I are going to watch Desperate Housewives together.

Sick middle man

003, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My mother's day began at about, oh, 2 AM, when Emmett woke me up because he didn't feel good. Sure enough, he had a fever. I gave him Motrin, a drink, tucked him back in and after a few more getting ups and tucking him back in he finally fells asleep.

Emmett is REALLY due to be sick. It's been a LONG time since he's been sick. He was the only one of the kiddos to avoid the hospital last month and he didn't even get the pukie/diarrhea bug that Owen and Henry had a few weeks ago. In fact, it's been since January that he's been sick (at the time w/ strep throat and the GI bug that ran through our whole family). So, he's due. Overdue.

But, as most of you know, fever is always a cause for concern w/ Emmett. It's been 2 years since he's had a grand mal seizure and 1 year since he had a partial complex seizure, but I can hear his neurologist's voice in my head as she says, "Just because it's been a LONG time in between seizures does NOT mean that he won't have another. He could have a seizure w/ any illness up to age of 6." He's close to 6. But not quite there yet. So, I'm slightly nervous and feeding him lots of Motrin and Tylenol (as his temperature peaked this afternoon at 102.5) in a futile effort to prevent a seizure.

I'll take him to the doctor tomorrow. I think it might be strep. Not a bad thing (unless it turns into a deep space tissue neck infection) because it's easily treated and unlikely to cause a seizure (viruses are usually the culprit). Fingers crossed for an uneventful, seizure free evening.

Friday, May 8, 2009

004, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Half cookies on a half plate.

Owen's half birthday

007, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We celebrated Owen's half birthday Wednesday. 8 and a half. I ordered a pizza for dinner and asked them if they could just cut it in half. He used his half birthday plate (see above) and had half cookies. Here's hoping for a good next 6 months.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anyone know?

I got a new front loader washing machine and I'm not sure that I'm loving it. My problem? I don't know how clean the clothes are actually getting. For example, Eddie's disgusting, sweaty shirts after playing soccer still smell after being washed....well, sweaty. Less disgusting, perhaps. But, still like his sweaty deodorant. What's up w/ that? I've changed the setting level to high soil, high spin, active wear. I've tried more detergent and less detergent, more clothes and less clothes. All to no avail. I have even (gasp) read the directions. Still, nothing helps. It's really bad after someone wets the bed. The sheets still smell like pee after being washed. Suggestions, anyone?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New perspective

I just told the Owen story I posted previously to my mom via phone. When I got to the blah, blah, blah part she laughed hysterically. Now looking at it from a distance, it IS kind of funny.

Have you seen him?

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We are looking for our sweet, kind, funny, smart, gentle, 8 year old boy, Owen. In his place is an argumentive, grouchy, sarcastic, talking back little child. I'm not sure where he's come from or how long he's playing on staying. But, I'm ready for him to bring the old Owen back. By 830 this AM, Owen had already lost TV for tomorrow and has to go to his room when he gets home from school. And, he had only been up from an hour and a half. This was our morning:

I brought down clothes for Owen to wear as I day every morning. And, I know that I shouldn't complain, because a lot of people have children that have had strong opinions about what they will wear or won't wear at a much earlier age. But, Owen has never cared. Until now. And, in perfect Owen fashion, he does everything to the max. He's refusing to wear anything that is not soccer related. If it has another sport on it, forget it. So, I brought down for clothes for him to wear and he refuses. I tell him to go find something else to wear (and now we're running late for school) and then I try to explain to him that just because he LOVES soccer does not mean that he has to HATE other sports. To which he interrupts me by saying, "blah, blah, blah." Could have throttled him. I didn't. Instead, he's going to his room after school today.

So, if you've seen the old Owen. My sweet little boy. Please return him. We miss him.

In the meantime, I'm going to purge everything un-soccer related from his closet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another first...

Owen went to his first sleepover on Saturday. It was a success (mostly). It was a super crazy Saturday. First the soccer tournament which Owen declared was the time of his life. Then, his first sleepover. It was a little boy from his soccer team's 9th birthday party. It was a family that we know pretty well (Eddie knows them better then I do because he plays soccer w/ the dad), and it was a small gathering. I felt (mostly) comfortable w/ it and for the first time, Owen really wanted to go. Eddie took him over and ended up staying until 1230 AM. I called him around 10 just to check if he was playing on spending the night, too :). A few of the soccer dads hung out around the bonfire and I'm suspecting that it might have been pre-planned since Eddie really wanted to take him and turns out that all the other boys were brought over by their dads. Hmmm....Anyway, it was a success. Owen had a great time and after initially having a bit of trouble falling asleep knowing that he wasn't in the room next to ours...I was OK, too.
The downside? WOW! He was an absolute grouch the whole next day. I didn't pick him up until noon and the mom said that they finally fell asleep around 1230 and were up around 7. And, everyone in a 50 feet radius could tell. Not quite sure it was worth the miserable boy that was returned to us......

The Sound of Victory

Joyful sounds after Owen's team scored a penalty kick to win the championship game after 2 overtimes and penalty kicks. Owen scored the goal in regulation to tie it. He's number 2.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And the outdoor season begins....

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Spring soccer has started. We had outdoor practices this week and a outdoor tournament in Rochester, NY today. The tournament was awesome. Owen's team, CNY United, won the whole thing in double overtime and penalty kicks. Owen had 2 goals. He did fabulous. I think I might like indoor soccer better, though, because you're away from all the elements. It was a pretty day today, but super, super windy.....