Monday, December 20, 2010

For my mom

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I'll do better photos soon. But here are our new hardwoods. Aren't they beautiful?

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One of the last days for Henry with his doo doo (pacifier) - see below. His mangy dog, Moppett, is at his side.

Doo Doo update

The doo doo (pacifier) fairy visited Henry 2 weeks and 3 days ago - taking his doo doos away while he slept and leaving a present (a pillow pet) in it's place. Henry was not thrilled about this happening - we talked about it many times before the big day and told him when he was 3 the doo doo fairy would be visiting him. The night it was supposed to happen, he wouldn't sleep (because he knew the doo doo fairy would visit when he fell asleep). I got home at midnight from work, and he was still awake. It was almost 2 AM before he fell asleep, and at 5 AM I rolled over (since he was in our bed - wedged between Eddie and I, as usual) and pried the doo doo from his sweet, sad lips.

Fast forward to today (2 weeks and 3 days later), and he STILL asks for his doo doo at bedtime and naptime. He STILL tells me EVERY SINGLE DAY "I can't sleep without my doo doo". Poor baby. Thankfully, he still has his mangy stuffed dog, Moppett, to help ease his pain.

The Polar Express

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Last weekend, we took an outing to the North Pole via the Polar Express. I had to get the tickets in October, because they sell out super quick. We boarded a train in Utica, NY and took an hour train ride to the Polar Express (complete with many elves)- where Santa got on board the train and sent the next hour back visiting with each child.

Henry was SO super excited, and Owen and Emmett had a good time - but probably wouldn't have missed not going.

As for me, I thought it was wonderful, not because the Santa was great (check him out - is that really the best they could do??) or the elves were overally entertaining - but because we spent a wonderful evening together as a family - not at home - where I would have felt an overwhelming need to do laundry, dishes, etc...but confined to a train, where we had a great time laughing, singing, and enjoying one another. It was perfect.

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Emmett, "We're going to see SANTA!"

Henry, "Soon? We are???"

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Me and my middle man....

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Inside the train station....Seriously - is there any resemblance between the two of us??? ANY?

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Henry's golden ticket

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Almost to the North Pole...

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Henry - "I want 2 measuring tapes and some paint."

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Patiently waiting...with his bell in his hand.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Santa....

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At breakfast with Santa, Henry bounded into Santa's lap. In true Henry style - not afraid of anyone or anything - and Mr. Social....he could not wait to sit on Santa's lap. Honestly, I should start counting how many people tell me that he is going to end up being the mayor or president would be at least around 10 separate people. His preschool teachers mention it all the time.

Neither Owen nor Emmett would sit on Santa's lap.

But this is what they are asking for from Santa:

Henry - 2 measuring tapes. You may notice that he is carrying a measuring tape in this photo. He has, oh, probably 6 different measuring tapes already. But since the contractors have joined us at our house, Henry is never without a measuring tape - he measure things constantly. A big help for the contractors, I'm sure!

Emmett - Nintendo DSI - I hope he's going to be pleased with something else, because since he already has a DS and an Ipod touch - I don't know how Santa is going to feel about a DSI.

Owen - a windshield wiper and scraper, necessary items for an invention he's working on. And, actual field spray paint and the cart that it goes in (for marking his soccer field in the back yard). Pretty sure he's going to be the only 10 year old around to be excited w/ a windshield wiper, scraper, spray paint, and cart under the tree.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Henry stats

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from his 3 year check up. And, a cheese ball smile.

33.25 pounds - 70th %
38 inches - 70th %
BMI - 15.7 - 45th%

My tallest baby boy (at 3) and second heaviest at 3 (Emmett wins that one!).

Here comes the snow......

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Before Sunday our grass was green. The kids could swing. The kids could ride their bikes - even though it was cold. No longer.

The snow started on Sunday night....and it hasn't stopped. Honestly. Today is Thursday morning, and it is still snowing. As of now we have 48 inches of snow. The news folk are now calling this the Blizzard of 2010!

Syracuse is used to snow. They do snow. They know snow. We average 115 inches of snow a year. Lots of snow is not usual. What is unusual is that it has come in such an accumulated clump. It is impressive. It is amazing. It's also getting depressing.......
Believe it or not, the kids have yet to have a snow day. 48 inches in 3 days and no snow day. Monday, there was a 1 hour delay. Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 hour delays.

The kids have played outside most mornings before school, but now it's getting harder. So much snow that their legs sink and they can't walk.

All that snow is pretty and festive for the holidays. After Christmas though, it gets really, really old.

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Measuring up

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This wooden post is one of 4 that lines our driveway. These posts are all over the city this time of year - lining roads as they curve in neighborhoods, huge flags are next to fire hydrants in town....when I first moved to Bville, these flags and posts shocked me! I could NOT believe that they were there to mark landmarks when the snow starts. Can you believe that?

And guess what? These posts and flags are very much needed in our area.

This post that Henry is standing next to lines our driveway, so that our snow plow service (yes, snow plow services are needed also) can find our driveway.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrating 3

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Our house is under construction. STILL! The week of Henry's birthday there was SERIOUS construction going on. Like the kind of construction that involves us not living in our house - except to sleep. We get up and leave by 830 and come back at 5. Our refrigerator is in the formal living room - next to the piano. The kitchen table is in the family room. Our floors were torn up. We were eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (oh, and as I post this my house is STILL torn up). There was NO WAY we were going to be able to host a party at our house.

So..enter 2 super good friends of my mine. My friend, Sheila, offered to host a party for Henry at her house for lunch (the kids had a half day), and my friend, Michele, offered to have us over for a dinner party. How lucky are WE???

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Addison and Logan - Henry's buddies.


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My dear friend (and neighbor), Sheila, hosted a party for Henry. Sheila watches my boys while I work, and she does day care for some teacher's kiddos. So....these are Henry's buddies (with my kids and Sheila's kids mixed in). Henry always has a great time with these kids. It was a perfect place to celebrate.

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Henry had one friend, Gavin, come to his party. He had lots of "older kid" friends that are my friend's kids - kids that he has grown up with -and friends of Owen and Emmett's. But, Gavin is his friend. Gavin is in his preschool, and is also the youngest of 3 boys. His mom and I have become good friends, and they happen to live only 2 streets down from us! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He's 3!!!

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Henry turned 3 on November 19, and we celebrated with 4 different parties spread out over the course of one week (aren't we lucky?). These are pics from Henry's first birthday celebration - at school.

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Putting up 3 birthday candles...

He's still a leftie.

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Henry's first birthday celebration was at his preschool. That's him w/ his wonderful teacher.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our house: making progress

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Contractors have been in our house for a month now! Our house flooded at the end of July, and we have FINALLY started putting our house back together again. So far we are very pleased with the contractors who are doing the work, and we've gotten pretty used to having them underfoot from sun up and sun down. There has been much progress made, but we still have tons more work to do! This is our bathroom flooring. It's not tile - even though it has grout. It's not vinyl. It's sandstone, and it's supposed to be less cold and less fragile than tile. So far....I love it!

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Bye bye vinyl flooring in our kitchen. We're putting hardwoods in!

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A new door!!!

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Entryway from our garage. We added a door separating our mud room/garage entry way to our kitchen.

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Our new flooring in our entry way and laundry room.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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TEN. ten. Ten. TEN. My baby is ten. It is a little hard to stomach. Owen turned TEN. 10! on Saturday. Where has the time gone???

And, as hard as it is for me to believe that he is 10! It's equally hard for me to believe that I have a child who is 10? How did I become that mom? The mom that's moved away from the temper tantrums, lack of sleep, potty training, starting school mom?? The mom with young children.

My child is now a pre teen. He has contacts. He's getting braces. He rarely goes to bed before 930-10. He spends the night at friend's houses. He stays home alone (briefly). And, he just told me that next year his school has a school dance, AND he can go with a girl. He said he could go with friends, but he might go with a girl. He hasn't decided yet....I am a mom of a pre teen. A 10 year old. An experienced mom. How can I be that old???

At Owen's 10 year physical his doctor recommended buying a book called, "Boys Guide to Becoming a Teen." (went to get it after - he's in the process of reading it already). She discussed having mood swings with him, and making good choices. He is still in a booster seat (which he is MOST unhappy about), because he hasn't reached the required 80 pounds yet. Must be 8 years and 80 pounds. He's got a way to go. Although, he had a decent growth spurt from 9-10 years old, and went from 20th% in height (at age 9) to 40th% in height. Moving on up!

Vital stats:

Height - 53.5 inches (40th%)
Weight - 68 pounds (50th%)

Owen wanted to celebrate his birthday with a slumber party, but our house is in a state of serious repairs (post-flood repairs). So, we suggested that he invite 4 friends to spend the night with him at the Embassy Suites. They can swim. Hot tub. Hang out. Cause general mayhem. Etc, Etc. He thought that sounded like fun as long as dad was the parent that stayed with him and his friends (apparently, I'm also the NOT FUN MOM!).

So, 4 of his best soccer buddies spent the night with him and Eddie. They had a great time. I didn't get tons of details. There was a very brief phone call with Eddie that ended abruptly after he yelled, "BOYS!! You can't go on the roof. SHUT THE WINDOW. I gotta go." Everyone was tired the next day, and Owen was happy. Very happy. And tired.
And that, is the best kind of birthday to have.

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I forgot my camera on his birthday, so every birthday photo was taken with my iphone - not the greatest quality.

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The crew in the hot tub...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Motley Crew

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This was the first year that I can remember since moving to Bville that it has been cold. For some reason, I remember Fort Collins being icy and cold every Halloween. But, Baldwinsville has always been nice enough on Halloween that the princesses and superheros didn't have to put jackets over their costumes, and the men (and well, women, too) carried their adult beverages around and pulled a cooler of refills behind them in a wagon. We live in a neighborhood full of endless houses and the previous Halloweens we would linger around with friends and neighbors enjoying good conversation, while the kids enjoyed good candy.

This scenario did not happen this year. This year it was freezing. And drizzling. And snowing - off and on. This year we went around the block and Emmett and I called it, and came home.

Eddie and the scary skeleton went for about another hour, and then returned home as frozen popsicles. Brrrr.....

Owen said this skeleton costume was the best ever, because he didn't have to smile for photos. Ahhh...I love my preteen.

Take 2

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Friday, October 29, 2010

If you take a dinosaur to school...

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My baby boy had his Halloween party at school yesterday. And, one of the best parts about being the baby and not having to work full time is that I got to volunteer! Yeah! I'm going to try to make it into Emmett's class shortly - on a day when Henry's in preschool. Owen's teachers stopped welcoming "helpers" when he was in the second grade, and I suppose that's OK since he would probably die of embarrassment if I came in.

Princesses and goblins...

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Henry's class (in disguise)

Pure JOY!

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Carving pumpkins, carving pumpkins...

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This was the first year that all my boys stuck their hands in the pumpkins to carve out the goo. What a nice, wonderful getting older moment. They pulled out all the pumpkin seeds - dried them, and put them in bags with the intent of planting them in the spring. And, if we're lucky, we'll have a pumpkin patch in our backyard! Yahoo (can you feel my excitement??)

We started out w/ those pumpkin carving templates, and tried to do a really fancy carving. But - yeah...that didn't last long. Those things are really, really tough! So, each boy did their own shapes (I did Henry's).

Oh, and Owen's doing really, really well with his contacts. He can put them in by himself in one try, and take that out by himself with one try. He's starting the process of braces in December, too, with an expander being placed - to be followed by braces. My little boy is growing up :(.

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I'm not exactly sure what Emmett was carving? Emmett's eyeglass prescription just changed, and he got some cool navy sports goggles.

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Henry is still a leftie! I love it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Obligatory pumpkin patch photos

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate fall. Hate it. I realize that I'm probably in the minority, but I dislike it very, very much.

I think I blogged about this last year, so I won't bore you again. But, I don't like rejoicing in the death of every plant, animal, and insect. And, more importantly, I hate knowing that the next season up is winter. I much prefer spring. Watching the bulbs poke up through the cold ground. Welcoming new life. And, summer ahead.

Oh, and I very much dislike carving pumpkins - especially because I am the only family member who will stick my hand in the pumpkin guts. Everyone wants to watch me clean out the pumpkins and carve them. Grrrr.....

But, I do. I carve pumpkins every year. And, I manage to do it without complaining to much - at least to the kids.

We picked out our carving pumpkins. The plan is to get them carved this weekend.

I must mention, that one thing I enjoy about fall is pumpkin flavor: pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies...etc.

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Emmett's not so great photo of me.

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Pumpkin patch

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Henry would tell you that he found the "perfect pumpkin". He kept saying "my perfect pumpkin", "my perfect pumpkin"...

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Emmett's turn

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Columbus Day weekend we went to Philadelphia - again - for another soccer tournament for Owen. Our 4th trip there this year. We're getting pretty familiar with the town, and we like it a lot. It's an easy drive - 4 hours - and we didn't stop once. Not too shabby.

We got back on Sunday night, and Monday morning, Emmett played in his first soccer tournament in Syracuse. He was SO. EXCITED. And, he did awesome. I wasn't sure....because it's a lot of work - 4 games in a short time period. But, he was awesome. He even scored for the first time - which is fun, because he's typically a defensive player. This photo is Emmett with one of his new soccer buddies.

I'm envisioning the future, and it looks pretty complicated. Lots of weekends spent in many different locations playing soccer around the country. If Henry plays, we won't be able to divide and conquer anymore. Trying to talk my mom into moving here.....

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Love this photo. Emmett's off the ground.

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