Monday, November 14, 2011

11 year old

045 by megan bauer
045, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen turned 11 on November 6. It is SO hard for me to believe he's 11. The day he turned 11 we went to church (his Sunday School class walked to Burger King) and then came home and played outside. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Then, we went to yoga (his soccer team is doing yoga. Good for the mind, body, and soul. He loves it!). Then, we picked up pizza and wings for dinner (his choice).
He's not much of a "sweets" eater. So, these brownies we made just for show. He didn't eat any of them. He doesn't particularly like cake, brownies, etc. etc. And, he didn't want anything but his pizza and wings. Crazy kid.

049 by megan bauer
049, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

I just like this picture.


051 by megan bauer
051, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen (and Justin's) Birthday Party

010 by megan bauer
010, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen turned 11 on November 6, and he had a joint birthday party w/ his buddy, Justin, from his soccer team. It was opening night for Syracuse's new professional indoor soccer team, and Owen and his whole team were there! The boys had practice, and after had pizza and cake. Then, we all carvaned over to the game. Thank goodness my mom is here and stayed home w/ Henry, because the place was absolute chaos. Fun chaos. The boys had the best party ever.

037 by megan bauer
037, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

025 by megan bauer
025, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

The boys got to go on the field before the game. They were in heaven. Soccer heaven.

Happy Hauntings...

003 by megan bauer
003, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

My mom arrived the day before Halloween to spend the next 6 weeks with us! She's never been with us on Halloween. This means she'll also get to celebrate Owen's and Henry's birthday with us! And, Thanksgiving!!! We are so excited.

My boys have never been super huge into dressing up - so Halloween is often a last minute affair.

This year - Owen was a bed bug (see his antennae?). We put the costume together the night before. Emmett -because he's SO good to his mama, said he would be whatever Owen was last year. Hence, he was a skeleton. And Henry was a ninja. This isn't that big of a stretch from his everyday actions or attire. I normally repeat - at least a couple of times a week - "HENRY! You are not a real ninja." This Halloween, he was.