Monday, September 29, 2008

Piano playing

IMG_5784, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry LOVES playing the piano and we have a hard time now if the big boys are practicing, because he wants to be up there pounding on the keys, too. Oh, brother.

PS Henry has a monster cold again. (remember we thought he might be getting sick, Amy). Poor baby. But, I'm so thankful for his tubes because I am certain he would have an ear infection if not for the tubes. However, I was planning on getting him vaccinated this week because he has not had any vaccines since three months!! but now he's sick again...

Project organization - preview

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I'm still waiting for Amy to send before pics, so I can post the before and after shots for you. She promises to do them soon :). But here is a preview. Amy made two accordion style folders for me: one for coupons and one for receipts. I went to the store by myself on Sunday and it was SO much easier to actually use coupons. Yeah!

IMG_5887, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Close up of my coupon file.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

One More Thing

Henry pulled up to standing today for the first time. :) He fell back down before I could grab my camera.


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I stepped away from loading my dishwasher this afternoon and when I turned back around, I saw TROUBLE! Henry has learned how to climb (a little bit) and was headed into my dishwasher. Not sure how much weight the door will hold, so I had to removed him. Wow! He was angry! I should have gotten a photo of that...
He can now climb up the step leading from the family room into the kitchen, so I can no longer contain him.

Organization update: Amy left and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to maintain her order. I'm exhausted. But, I'm happy to report that I am going to bed w/ nary one dish left out. Aren't you proud, Amy? I will post photos of our hard work as soon as Amy sends me the before pics.

IMG_5909, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Quiet down, everyone!!!

Sorry for the extended delay in blogging. After all the hate mail and phone calls I've received, I am FINALLY taking a break from organizing to update the blog (Amy's timing me :)). We've been busy: Skaneateles, Carousel Mall X 2, doctor appt., dentist appt., grocery store X 2, Target X many times, Home Depot, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Henry's surgery, Chili's, Wendy's, Eddie's soccer game, Owen and Emmett's games, piano lessons, drop Owen off at school, drop Emmett off at school, pick Emmett up, Parade of Homes, post office X 2, Panera. In addition, we have managed (and when I say we...I mean primarily Amy w/ the help of me answering her question, "keep or pitch". When I say "keep" she gives me a look and I say, "OK...fine...pitch. She then says, "I like that answer better.") to completely redo my kitchen and start on the basement. You would not believe the organizational tips and hints she has given me. The new files, shoe racks, etc that we've put in my house. I now have recipe and coupon organizers filed and ready. I even have ONE completely empty drawer in my kitchen. She needs to go into business. You'd hire her, wouldn't you? I am SO BLESSED to have a friend like Amy (15 years worth of friendship) and even though we've run around and organized all week, we haven't tired of one another (I think she would agree :))). We could hang out and do "nothing" forever....did I mention how lucky I am??? So, I will post pictures of our finished project tonight. She leaves tomorrow :(. And, I'm told that I am going to have to continue to post photos periodically, so she knows that I'm maintaining it. I can do it!

Birthday celebration

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Every year Amy visits (three in a row now) we celebrate Owen and Emmett's birthday. They were THRILLLED w/ their gifts. Owen got goalie gloves, states and capital Sequence, and cinammon toothpaste. (Amy brought cinammon toothpaste for her to use, and Owen went wild over it. He used it everyday, twice a day. So...she bought him his own). Emmett got moon sand and soccer cones. Together they got Wii Mario and Sonic Olympics. Aren't Amy and Jeff so good to my kids? We are SO lucky!!

IMG_5866, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Owen and Emmett....."Amy and Jeff are the BEST!"

IMG_5874, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Owen..."goalie gloves!!!! Just what I've always wanted"

Birthday cupcakes

IMG_5883, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We made the pumpkin spice "Sprinkles" cupcakes from Williams Sonoma for the birthday cake. The cupcakes were good, but the cinammon frosting was even better (the cupcakes had the recipe w/ it). We decorated them w/ Sheila's easy accent decorater Pampered Chef thing and it was FUN! I'm going to be buying one (from can too :))

Playing w/ the hose.

IMG_5818, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My boys LOVE to get the hose out and run it down the driveway into the gutter and build dams and bridges, etc. Gorgeous afternoon led to one HUGE mess! Check out the pics.....

Amy on lifeguard duty

IMG_5825, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

IMG_5847, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

He was cold and filthy and HAPPY to be such a mess!


IMG_5845, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

The grass and water combination made for a GIANT mess! You don't want to know all the different places I found grass on Henry that evening.

Originally uploaded by megan bauer
Henry splashing in the gutter!


IMG_5817, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We went to Skaneateles one afternoon and went in and out of the shops. It was a beautiful day. Where is my photo of Amy from this day????

IMG_5811, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett at Lake Skaneateles.


IMG_5858, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry's tube surgery was yesterday and despite the distressed look in his eyes, he did great! We were at the hospital at 6:30 and home by 9:30. Amy got the boys off to school, successfully. Owen had a field trip that AM and she was a bit concerned about getting him and everyhing ready. But she did it. Lunch bag and water bottle and all. At least three people called Henry a "she" . We get that ALL the time. Maybe because once you take his clothes off and put a green hospital gown one, he looks pretty enough to be a girl.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project Organization: Day One and She's HERE!

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We had a great day yesterday :). We went to Emmett's soccer game in the morn (he scored 4 goals.....4!!!) and their team won 5-4. Then we went to Owen's game (he scored 1 goal...but had 6 shots on the goal) and they tied 3-3. Then, Owen had piano lessons and Amy and I walked the mall. Amy took us to dinner at Chili's, then we took the boys home. Amy and I went to Target (where they charged me for 3 Tide detergents and I only bought 2...we have to go back today). Then, we went to Wegmans. FUN! Then, Amy began her Project Organization and attacked my car and laundry. She bought different baskets for my car. One to hold all the soccer junk (i.e. balls, cleats, goalie gloves) and one hold jackets and hats. Eddie and I went to bed at 11, (the kids were going to be up way early...and they were. All three were up at 520 AM), and she was still out vacuuming my car then. Have I mentioned that she is the absolute best?? Today we tackle the laundry room and mud room.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help is on the way!

In the form of my good friend (from high school), Amy Busch! She is flying in today and staying for 8 days! Our mission is to get my life (and house) together! Lots of organizing. Lots of restructuring. Lots of throwing things away. And, she's the best kind of friend. The kind that will do all these things with me AND we'll still have a blast doing them! Amy is the MOST organized person I know, and if she can't help me then I must be completely hopeless. Wish us luck :)

10 months old

IMG_5750, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My baby is ten months old today. I can hardly stand it. He's still an absolute sweetie, although he has sprouted a bit of an attitude. He's mastered the backward dive if he wants something your not going to give him (which seems to be constantly) and he's super fast on all fours. He can't climb up the stairs yet, but safety proofing is at the top of my list of things to do. He has 5 teeth and one more on the way. And...I think he barks like a dog and a snake, appropriately. Getting to be "so big"!

IMG_5749, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Turned around and still smiling :)

IMG_5745, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Spending a lot of time on his knees these days. So close to pulling up to standing.

To torture my mom...

IMG_5715_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Hey mom,
Thought you might FREAK OUT about this skin and bones picture of Owen. Yes, I promise that he gets regular meals on a semi regular basis. And, OK OK I'll think about switching from skim milk to 2 %.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dirt Cake and Party decorations.

IMG_5629_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Doesn't the cake look authentic?

The party

IMG_5656_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

On Sunday, Emmett celebrated his third and final birthday celebration. Remember the debate about whether to have his party at my house or at the bounce place (like he wanted), well I am SO GLAD I had it at home. It was a super success. It certainly helped that the weather was fabulous! We had a bug theme party and when the kids arrived we made bug boxes (see pics below). Then we went on a bug hunt in the backyard. Owen and I hid 300 bugs in our backyard (enough for each kid to have 30+). We had dirt cake (see the picture the flower pot. I was SO THRILLED w/ how it turned out....tasted pretty good, too). After that, we were able to use the water slide and bounce house, because it was so warm. I spent just shy of 200.00, so a total savings of about 125.00. Yipee! And, I think Emmett would say it was just as much fun as the bounce place!

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Emmett's party brought out all the best dance moves.

IMG_5635_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

This is the point at which I say, "Eddie! Stop eating all the gummy centipedes. They're for the party! And, are you REALLY feeding those to Henry???"

IMG_5631_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett's spider shirt for the occassion.

IMG_5637_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry LOVED playing w/ the balloons!

IMG_5663_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

This is how my "buggie" table was decorated. 30.00 worth of gummy tarantulas, gummy worms, and gummy centipedes. The spinder pinata (that the kids hit w/ the fly swatter...really a racquetball racket). And the bug kit that the kids put together upon arriving. Thankfully, Mrs. Sue (my dear neighbor) saved the day by coming over right before the party and hot glueing all the mesh pieces on the kit, so they would be dry before the kids arrived. Then, the kids put on the foam dragonflies, ladybugs, etc. They used the bug kits to collect their bugs on the bug hunt. They were also given bug tweezers and a magnifying glass to help them w/ their search (see those in the picture).

IMG_5642_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Showing off their bug tattoos.

IMG_5646_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett dropping a bug into his bug kit.

IMG_5649_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

On a bug hunt.

IMG_5719_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Standing in line for the pinata. Except for Emmett the line is youngest to oldest.

IMG_5720_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

The spider pinata

IMG_5680_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett heading down the water slide.

IMG_5675_2, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

The Bounce House and Water Slide were a double bonus. I had NO idea that it would be warm enough to get these out during the party. And, in fact, it was probably the ONLY day in the last few weeks that it was really warm enough to get wet. We were SO LUCKY! The kids had an absolute blast watersliding and bouncing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Preschool - Day 2

IMG_5585, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

No tears! Emmett was OK w/ going to preschool today. Absolutely no complaints. Yeah! It helped that he got to celebrate his birthday today in class, and he brought the birthday snack. But, irregardless, I think he's going to be fine.

Emmett and Mrs. Cooper

IMG_5587, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

One of his super special teachers.

Sleep update: Part 2

Henry cried at least twice last night before midnight. I wish I could share exactly how long, but truth be told , I was SO tired it was all a blur. I'm pretty sure Eddie went in both times and put the pacifier in his mouth (that HAS to end next), but at least he got no boob. And both of our big boys joined us in bed again last night, too. I think it's been at least a week since they've come in our room. Progress, for sure.

Emmett's first day of pre-k

IMG_5583, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett's first day of preschool was yesterday, and I was nervous. He spent the first 6 weeks of the last two years of preschool crying every morning. This is his third and final year. He has one of the same teachers in the exact same room as last year. And, one of his good friends is in his class. He should feel pretty comfortable, eh? Not so much....He was OK until we got in the car and then he started with, "I don't want to go. I want to stay home w/ you." etc. etc. He walked in OK and then he was REALLY nervous. I walked him over to the teacher he knew. He wrapped his arms around my neck in a death grip and refused to let go. With lots of "I love yous and you'll be fines and I know you can do this", I ripped his arms from my neck. He sat next to his teacher w/ tears rolling down his cheeks as I exited. Update: the teacher said it wasn't long before his friend asked him to come play w/ him. She said he did pretty well, although he didn't leave his friend's side. I hope this year brings him LOTS of confidence, because if not, kindergarten is going to be REALLY ROUGH! For goodness sake, he's been at this same school for three years....knows the teachers....knows the kids....and he's still crying. A new school, new teacher, new kids next year could push him over the edge.

IMG_5581, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sleep update

Henry cried. But, it was semi brief (45 minutes or so). And, it wasn't hard crying the whole time. Off and on crying mixed in w/ moaning or whimpering. Eddie went in twice to put the pacifier back in his mouth. I want him to stop nursing in the middle of the night, and then we will tackle the pacifier. The good news: it was only once. Progress, I think!

Future Pet?

There was a segment on the Today Show (today) about best pets for small kids. And, since my kids have been relentlessly BEGGING for a pet, I tuned in (I've tried to explain to them that they have a baby brother and that's WAY cooler than a pet but they're not buying it). Anyway, this is about the fifth article/segment that I have seen that names the RAT as the best pet!! Better then the hamster. Better then the guinea pig. Better then the gerbil ( I can attest to this. We had a gerbil that attacked my brother and dad once. It was a bloody mess!). We're talking about rats that are bred in captivity, not the ones you can grab while riding the subway in the city. I live w/ a litter of boys. They think rats are cool. I may (when I give in to the pet thing.....which I'm hoping won't be for another year or two) be he proud owner of a pet rat (Rattouille and Stuart Little are cute, right? How about the Frisby's from The Secret of Nimh?) Oh...corn snakes were the other hot pet. My boys would DIG that, too :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let the crying begin....

IMG_5552, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

OMG!!! Henry was up three times in the middle of the night last night. that necessary at 9.5 months??? I am DONE w/ getting up (at least more then once :)). Henry is no longer sick and he has four complete teeth. And while I think his incisors are beginning to think about coming in, I can NO longer make excuses for his night awakenings. I am TIRED! Two of the times during the night I fed him. Once, Eddie put his pacifier in his mouth. Tonight, he's crying. (Man...I'm a hard ass, aren't I??)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need a laugh? I know none of us have this fiction, virtually nonexistent thing called "free time" or "spare time" (take your's essentially the same thing). Anyway, I guess I have found something to do to waste any potential valuable time that's left in my day. I found a new blog...that is absolutely make me laugh at loud, FUNNY! Check it out:

WARNING: if you are particularly conservative, or frown on the use of printed vulgar words, or are opposed to viewing motherhood as sometimes NOT FUN! then don't view this blog. It's not for you :)

Water woes!

We have water in our basement. Back in the storage a lot of our boxes wet. I think it's coming from our water heater, but our water heater was just replaced right before we moved in so it's only 3 years old. I called our plumber (I can't believe I have a plumber! Who I might add has been to our house 4 times in the past three years) and he suggested calling the folks that put the water heater in because he said it should be warrantied for 6 years. There was a sticker on the water heater w/ the name of the plumber who did it and his phone number....I'm waiting for him to call me back. UGH!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fell asleep while sitting up!

IMG_5401, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry's 9 month stats:

19.5 pounds (45th %)
28.5 inches (60th %)
44 cm head (20th %)

Interestingly, Henry is slightly bigger than both Owen and Emmett were at the same age (even though Emmett weighed almost 2 pounds more at birth). Oh, and tooth number 4 arrived this week, top right.

IMG_5456, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Good -bye!

Henry LOVES animals!

Originally uploaded by megan bauer
Henry goes wild anytime he sees an animal. it's so funny. He starts shaking his arms and legs and it sounds like he's panting like a dog. Here is a video of him when he spots Star, the neighbor's kitty cat.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another soccer star?

IMG_5547, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett had his first real soccer game today and the great majority of it was absolutely frightening! The score was probably 50-1 (in favor of the other team). The first half Emmett (and all the other kids) were completely clueless. The walked (well, stood) around and watched the ball. But, after half time, Emmett woke up. It was like something in his head said, "Oh yeah....I remember what I'm supposed to do!" And, he looked MUCH improved. He started dribbling down the field, stopping the ball, stealing the ball from the other players, and....he even scored the lone goal for his team. Yeah, Emmett!!! It'll will be interesting to see what the future holds for him. Owen was a horrid player for the first 6 months of organized play, and it wasn't until 5 years and 10 months that he turned into a soccer stud. Emmett may have him beat!

Happy 5th Birthday Emmett!

IMG_5538, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett turned five on Thursday and we had a really wonderful day celebrating. After getting Owen to school, we met a group of good friends at the park. Then we had to take Henry back to the doctor for his 9 month check up. Wegman's was next to pick up Emmett's cake. It was a gorgeous day and when we got home we played w/ some friends in the front yard (water was involved, of course). I hid Emmett's presents this year (great idea courtesy of Sheila and Amy) instead of wrapping them and the neighbor boys (Kyle and Brian) came over to help us find presents and eat cake and ice cream. Emmett got Mario Kart for the Wii, so then we had family game night and played. I'm fairly certain Emmett would tell you that he had a wonderful 5th birthday!

IMG_5541, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

IMG_5448, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Owen, Kyle (Sue's son across the street), and I sidewalk chalked our driveway the night before Emmett's birthday to surprise him. Can you see his birthday badge he wore all day???


IMG_5480, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We packed a lunch and met some of our good friends at the park.


IMG_5484, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Falling asleep on the swing at the park.

IMG_5488, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

We went to Wegman's and picked up his birthday cake....and ice cream......and cookies. Emmett, for some reason, asked to ride in this cart today. Normally, I make him (and Owen) walk. These carts are so hard to push. But, I suppose, because it was his birthday, and we were only getting a few things, I let him do this cart. Henry was so cute sitting in it.

IMG_5497, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Water fight!

IMG_5519, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Henry sat in a puddle of water while the boys had a water fight and ate grass.