Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Owen w/ his World cup sticker book and trading cards. We've had to order more stickers on line to try to collect all the players. Fun!

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The flag in front of our house that we hung up the day the World Cup started.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You must...

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Memorial Day Weekend

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We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in Philadelphia, PA for a soccer tournament. One great advantage to being on the East Coast is that a quick drive leads you to a handful of big cities. So, a quick 4 hour drive - and we're in Philadelphia.

My dad flew in on Thursday to go with us! We haven't seen him since Christmas, and he has yet to see Owen play (and he's never been to Philadelphia), so it was super nice.

We went to the FC Delco soccer tournament, a huge soccer tourney (Nike sponsored) that turns down 100's of team who apply to get in each year. Really, really good competition. This was the first time our boys would face another U9 team (they always play U10 and U11), and they did really, really well. They won their first 2 games, and then lost their third (1-0). In semi finals, they also lost 1-0! They ended up finishing 3rd and the two teams that played for the championship we're the two teams that they lost to 1-0. So, so close!

Don't you love this picture? Henry loves to pretend that he's a dog these days - hence, biting one of his fave players!


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well, he really had a great time :!!!

Those of you that know my dad, know how much he HATES soccer, and really, HATE, is not too strong of a word. But, by the second game, he was kind of into it. I even heard him yell, "Cross the ball!" Leaving me with the impression that maybe he knows/likes soccer more then he likes to admit. Hmmmm...

Exploring Philadelphia

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Because our soccer playing ended a little earlier then we had hoped - and, because we had time, and, because my dad had never been to Philadelphia before - we spent Memorial Day doing the Philadelphia scenes. We even took a carriage ride (photo here) around Philly w/ a knowledgeable tour guide.

Benjamin Franklin's Grave

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You throw a penny on his grave and make a wish, because "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

The Liberty Bell

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Independence Hall

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spent a good portion of our visit asleep.

But, when he wasn't sleeping...

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he was being as defiant as possible. Here he is refusing to move. Yep, he parked it right in front of Indepence Hall and refused to move.

And, we visited..

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Valley Forge. The place where Ben Franklin and his army spent a long winter...(I think that's the story, anyway - history is not my specialty).

A LOUD re-enactment

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Friday, June 4, 2010


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There goes his first top tooth. Must be time for first grade.

It started out like....

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THIS. At the end of soccer practice (at a field that we had only been to one previous time) on May 12, Owen started complaining about his eyes itching and hurting. I told him to take his glasses off, and this is what I saw!!!! I was convinced he had blepharitis (don't ask), and I had Emmett with me. So, we gradually took Emmett home (and stopped by 3 friends houses), and Owen started complaining about not feeling well. I decided it might be a good idea to take him to Urgent Care (ya think???). His eyes were getting puffier and puffier and he could hardly keep them open...

And then he looked like ....

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THIS!!!! Holy smokes! We walked into Urgent Care and the place was packed. I mean packed. Standing room only. But, they took one look at Owen - called for nurses - and immediately took him to the back. At which point, the room filled up with people and they started (one w/ a shot of epinephrine) doing his vitals and given him medication.

Apparently, I should have been a little more concerned.

After we were there for a few hours, and his eyes and symptoms weren't getting any worse - they sent us home with strict instructions to see the allergist in the morn.

We did - and they still have no idea what caused this impressive allergic reaction. They suspect it might have been caused by a specific tree or grass or flower (he's already allergic to grass and a handful of trees). They are pretty concerned that his next exposure to this allergen may cause an anaphylactic reaction requiring emergency intervention. So, now I'm caring around a pretty black bag w/ an epinephrine pen, orapred, and benadryl (the pre dose syringe kind which they say works quicker).

They also put him on 4 additional meds (prednisone, antibiotic, pantanese nasal spray, and zantac) to add to his other daily medications: singular, allergra, and pulmicort -

He halso had a sinus x ray done that said that his sinuses were completely full of pus, and he had a severe sinus infection. They don't think that caused this, but they said it might have made his reaction more severe.

And, just when I was thinking that I didn't have to worry about this one so much.....

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When we got home that evening....a slight improvement.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'd like to promise -

to keep up w/ blogging more from this point on. But, I can't promise that. Life is so busy for our family right now. I thought that things were supposed to slow down and get easier as the kids got older. But, they haven't. They've just changed. I miss playdates. I long for the days where I used to hang out w/ good friends during the day and our kids played amongst us. Doesn't happen anymore. I miss the days when we'd wake up and get dressed and then figure out what we would do during the day. Now, I frantically run from one place to the next.....trying to squeeze every drop out of an hour to finish something that needs to be done. I miss when my kids were young......

Since my last post - we've spent 2 weekends in Rochester (soccer), 1 day in Buffalo (soccer), 1 weekend in Philadelphia (soccer), my dad visited (and went to Philly w/ us), Owen had a severe allergic reaction to some outdoor irritant (more on that later), Owen and I both run Race for the Cure - our first ever 5K. Emmett started his season of outdoor tee ball, soccer, and lacrosse (and lost his top front tooth :)), my mom visited (for Emmett's tonsillectomy), I turned 34, Owen turned 9 1/2, and Henry turned 2 1/2, and I had a garage sale (the day before Race For the Cure).

I've cut back my work schedule to 16 hours a week - which is still a lot for our family to handle right now. Owen and Emmett have activities every evening but one, and go opposite ways - so it takes two of us.

I'm going to work on getting more photos uploaded soon. And, maybe before too long, I'll get to blog more.

Me and my babies...

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And, all of our hands - on Mother's Day.

I did it!!!

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It wasn't pretty, but I ran. The whole time. It took me a whole 38 minutes, but I ran. The whole time. It was super emotional. Much more then I ever expected. At times I ran w/ tears running down my cheeks. What a feeling.

Owen crossed the finish line faster then any other child his age. A crazy 27 minutes.

Oh - and thanks to all of you - I raised over $350.00! Amazing!

After our race

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Some of our team :)!!!

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