Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surgery x 4 for my baby boy...

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It's been an active few weeks for my baby boy. He had a sleep study done after his peds pulmonologist recommended one. Apparently, it's part of a new protocol for kids who are diagnosed with severe asthma. He failed it.

He also had his fourth ear infection since October - when his tubes fell out.

He had a hearing test and failed. Probably because of the fluid that's not leaving his ears. Hopefully..that's all and it will resolve.

And, he visited his pediatric surgeon who has been keeping a watchful eye on his epigastric hernia.

To make a long story short, he's having surgery - 4 different surgeries. Same day. Same time. He's having his tonsils and adenoids removed. His having tubes put in his ears. He's having his epigastric hernia repaired. All at one time. The ENT and peds surgeon are going to work together at the same time, so Henry doesn't have to be intubated for an additional surgery. Intubation is riskier for asthmatics. He's going to spend a few days in the hospital. I'm feeling really sad for him....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

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No nap baby

Eddie's Birthday Present and remodel update

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We have finally moved into modern times, and have replaced one of our box TV's - you know the old school (32 inch) kind that weighs a trazillion pounds. For the record, it still works just fine - and will now take up residence in the basement. But, we got Eddie a new TV and TV stand for his 37th birthday last week.

As we're cleaning up our house and putting it back together, I'll try to post pictures of our remodel. The upstairs is now completely carpeted, and we're in the LONG process of carrying everything back upstairs again. We get carpet in our basement on Wednesday. The laundry room and kids bathroom are done - and look fabulous. And as soon as I clear the clutter, I'll take photos and post. In the last month, my dryer has blown a gasket and my oven started on fire (FIRE - like the WHERE IS MY FIRE EXTINGUISHER KIND OF FIRE?) So, we now also own a new dryer and - thank the heavens - the oven was fixed by simply replacing the coil on the bottom.

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Dining room

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Dining room and living room - where Owen and Emmett slept until the carpet was done and the beds were put back.

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Front door

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Owen's room without carpet

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Emmett's room without carpet

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New hallway paint color, new hallway carpet

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Our bedroom - new paint, new carpet

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas - come and gone...

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This is the first year that I can remember not wanting to take our tree down. Not wanting to take our lights down from the front of the house (oh - wait - they're not going to be taken down until the sheet of ice covering our gutter is removed - maybe, May?) We had a great Christmas. I'm not ready for it to end.

I worked tons - full time for 3 weeks - which isn't the great part. But, Eddie, who had tons of vacation time to use up - only worked 6 days all month. That's the great part. And, props again, to those moms who work full time every week of the year. I am not equipped for that. We stayed home. We spent time together. We enjoyed one another.

On Christmas morning, we stayed in our pajamas all day long. We opened every game. Every toy. Every puzzle. We played everything, and read directions to everything. It was as I hope every Christmas is. Perfect.

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Silly face..

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Emmett asked for this book back in September at the school book fair. Actually - he begged for it. I wouldn't buy it, because I already had bought him a book from the book fair.

But, after I dropped him off at school the day of the book fair...I tip toed into the school and got the book and saved it for Christmas. :)

Emmett also got a camera for Christmas, and I don't have many photos of him because he did nothing but take photos of us - and the pantry, and the floor, and our shoes, and the wall, etc...
It's like living with the papparazzi at my house.

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Using the paint he got for Christmas.

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Owen reading a book grandma got him.

And, Henry got a -

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BOX! Yeah!

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Owen and Emmett got huge Nerf guns. So, I spent a good portion of Christmas listening to "MOM - Dad won't give me my gun back!" Eddie's birthday is in 2 weeks - can you guess what he's getting?

The grab nabbers!

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Seriously - out of all the things Santa brought - this was one of the favorites. Emmett dubbed them the "grab nabbers" but I think, technically, they're called giant claws (Henry got a smaller version). The boys grab nabbed things all day long. Picking up trash? Let me get it with my grab nabber. Henry even pulled his out from under his chair when we sat down for dinner and reached across the table with his to get the salt. That is the honest to goodness truth. In addition to using them semi-productively, that was a lot of pinching one another going on. I yelled at the boys to quit for awhile. UNTIL - I put a grab nabber in my hand, and then - I couldn't resist pinching every one, too. Game on.