Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One more thing...

In the photo below - Henry's beloved Moppett is using the potty AND I couldn't have garnered up enough energy to tackle this without the encouragement and advice of my dearest, Toni. 2000 miles away and 5 years later - you are still my go to gal. How is that possible?

As if our house wasn't crazy enough...

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with my mom here, Emmett recovering from his tonsillectomy, my birthday, and the kids home this week for Spring Break - we decided it would be a good time to potty train Henry. I have been dreading this since our last attempt wasn't successful and (this is something no one tells you when you continue to add kids past the average of 2.2) - it's not near as much fun or as exciting as with the previous 2 kiddos. I was excited the last 2 times, and it was easy. This time - not exciting. But, the weather was crummy, and with my mom here we figured one of us could stay home w/ him for a while until he masters it. And, guess what? He did it! It was easy! And, now that it is done, I'm completely and possibly even more excited then with the other two! Today is day 4, and he has yet to have an accident. Yesterday - only 1 accident. He can get his underwear up and down all by himself, and does it now without prompting (by the way...he is SO stinking cute in his undies - I'll get that on film next!). Yeah, Henry! And, good bye FOREVER to diapers in our house :). Double yeah!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good-bye Tonsils...

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My mom is here :). She came to help out w/ Henry and Owen while Emmett had his tonsils out. His surgery was yesterday, and he did awesome. They admitted him to the pediatric floor to keep an eye on him after the surgery, since when he surgery at age 4 (hernia repair), he came out wheezing from an asthma flare up. And this time, he was wheezing, too. But, it didn't take long until it went away. After sitting in his hospital room for 6 hours, we decided to ask if we could go home. They agreed, and we got to come home :). He's still taking prescription pain meds, but he's not really complaining about pain. He's not drinking much (because he says it hurts to swallow), and that is probably our biggest battle. He's supposed to be activity free for 2 whole weeks! I caught him jumping on my bed today, so that's not going to be easy. He's also supposed to stick to a soft, cool diet for 2 weeks - I'm going to have to be creative, because he's already getting a bit sick of ice cream.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moral support...

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Owen and Henry at the dentist. Henry went first - he did great - kept his mouth open the whole time for cleaning, flouride treatments, flossing - everything! Then it was Owen's turn, and Henry was offering support to his big brother....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

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For the first time that I can remember since we've moved to Bville, our weather surrounding Easter was perfect (and yes, I said perfect and Bville in the same sentence!). It hit 90 degrees on this day. Normally, our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt involves a very small spattering of die hard egg hunters willing to pluck Easter eggs out of a foot of snow all in the name of one Hershey Kiss, but not this year. This year there was a great turn out (this pic doesn't do it justice).

All of the boys participated in the egg hunt this year, and I suspect it will be the last :(. Owen didn't decide until the last minute that he was going to hunt, because his cool-quotient almost got the best of him. I'm pretty certain next year, he will be too cool for the Easter Egg hunt.

The hunt was topped off by the obligatory Easter Bunny appearance and a parade through the neighborhood.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Found one!

So, here's the deal, kid...

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(Owen trying to explain the "rules" of egg hunting to a very un-interested 2 year old...)

Owen and Henry on the frontlines - waiting for the go ahead

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The boys waiting at the top of the stairs before we give them the word that they can come down and see if the Easter Bunny visited us. Down below, Eddie and I are frantically preparing the camera and video camera.

Happy Easter, everyone. We had a low key but pleasant day. Owen (and Sheila) and I went for a morning run - part of my "training" to get ready to run the Race For the Cure in May. (Owen smoked us).

Then, we had dinner and sat at our FORMAL DINING ROOM TABLE! The first time we have ever sat there as a family since we got it almost 4 years ago (true story). The boys have never sat there.

Sadly, I went to bed shortly after, because I'm working 12 hour nights :(. Eddie took the boys for a bike ride and then they spent the rest of the day in the yard getting sweaty, muddy, and dirty. Ahhh...a day well spent.

World Cup Countdown

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The Easter Bunny brought Owen ANOTHER world cup soccer ball (and a Brasil shirt). The World Cup excitement at our house is getting out of control. Owen is on a daily countdown in anticipation of the World Cup (67 days today), and we've had repeated conversations about he is certain that we are mistreating him by not taking him to South Africa to witness the whole thing IN PERSON!

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs OUTSIDE this year!!!

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We have been blessed by the most wonderful weather as of late. And, quite honestly, the winter wasn't that bad either (unless...my tolerance level has just changed. And, I deal w/ crummy snowy, cold weather better? Oh no - am I becoming a New Yorker???) Anyway, it was 90 degrees Saturday and Sunday. Our snow has been melted for probably 2 weeks now (that HAS to be a record!), and Easter Sunday brought 70 degree weather. AND, the sun has been shining what seems like non-stop (unless...once again, my idea of normal is skewwed....) But, anyway, the boys were thrilled w/ the idea that the Easter Bunny might hide eggs OUTSIDE this year, for the first time in 4 years. And, guess what? The boys hunted eggs outside this AM, coatless!

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He's supposed to be hunting Easter Eggs and he's taking a quick break to kick the soccer ball......

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And, he's off to find Easter Eggs...

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