Sunday, May 15, 2011

Most Wonderfulest Mother's Day EVER!

033 by megan bauer
033, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

My Mother's Day couldn't have been any more wonderful. My schedule of events:

7AM - soccer game w/ Owen. Just the two of us. There's very little that I like to do more than watch my boys play soccer.

9 AM - trip to the gym and Lowe's (by myself) to buy gardening supplies.

1130-1430 - ALL of my boys (husband included) worked outside WITHOUT COMPLAINING to pull weeds, plant flowers, and work on our landscaping. It was so much FUN! We laughed, listened to music, talked, and had a really, really great time working together. BAUER POWER!

1500-1930 - Work - what a great day to be a part of a wonderful family having a new baby.

2000 - Only Eddie and Owen awake when I got home. And, Owen was giggling when I walked in, so I knew something was up. Upstairs I went to my bath awaiting me (with Toy Story bubbles). Bathroom lit by candlelight. Warm because of the space heater in there. Robe hanging next to the bath. Ipod in there playing jazz. Nook color on the sink waiting for me.

I told you my day was perfect.

At least until I dropped my nook color in the toilet....and that's another story...

Oh - and if thst wasn't enough, Eddie took 4 days off surrounding Mother's Day, so I could have a mini vacation at home. And, I had the most wonderful, quiet time. I went shopping, went to the movies w/ friends, went to lunch w/ friends, got a pedicure, got a haircut, went to the gym every day. Eddie completely did everything w/ the kids, and I did whatever I wanted when I wanted. And, Eddie kept his "favorite parent" award bequeathed him by Owen at Christmas, because he took Henry to the park EVERYDAY!

034 by megan bauer
034, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen's present to me

035 by megan bauer
035, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen gave me a super sweet card and letter for Mother's Day with a poem at the end that he wrote by himself (and was super proud of his plant them!). I will cherish this for a super long time, since Eddie got the letter for Christmas that claimed him to be the "favorite parent". Redemption - at least a small bit anyway...

036 by megan bauer
036, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

037 by megan bauer
037, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Emmett's present to me

038, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Emmett's present to me was a stack of coupons, that he could fill in himself. Such as "Happy Mother's Day - I promise to: clean my room, fold laundry, empty the diswasher.

But my witty 7 year old decided to sign his brothers names to each of them. So the whole stack has "signed by" and either Owen or Henry next to it!

You should have seen Owen's face as I was reading them - he was all OH NO! I did NOT agree to do these things!

I told Emmett's teacher what he did a few days later, and after she stopped laughing - she said she just gave the students a stack of coupons each and told them to fill them in. She had NO idea that he didn't sign his own name to them. HA!

039 by megan bauer
039, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

The only blank coupon I got - Emmett promises to play the Wii.

This is definitely a present to remember!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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Syracuse doesn't get a lot of rain - more than Fort Collins, but less than St. Louis. We average 5 inches of rain in the month of April. So - when we hit 8 inches of rain in the month of April and broke a record, my backyard - along with everyone else's became a big pond. Perfect for 2 boys to play in!

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