Sunday, January 31, 2010

Henry's in the hospital again.

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Friday. Day 1 at the hospital.

Today is Sunday, and we are going HOME. I'll write more shortly.

Quick synopsis:

H got RSV (which caused his first hospitalization when he was a baby) on Wednesday and went downhill. Friday, he was really bad (his poor lungs struggle on his best days - so RSV really isn't good for him) and we went to the ER and they admitted him.

Hospital Stay #3

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Poor baby boy is in the hospital AGAIN! I'll write more detail about our experience later, but today (Sunday) he is feeling SO much better and we are on our way HOME! This photo is from Friday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My left handed salad eater.

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Sorry for the delay in blogging. I haven't really had a lot to say. I haven't been working much, but I'm completely consumed by organizing some upcoming soccer tournaments (we're going to Arlington, Virgina the first of March). Henry had his 2nd H1N1 vaccine and 3 days later spiked a temp of 102 (as he did w/ the first one). His temp continues today....5 days later. Stinks, because I finally made it back to the gym last week 4/7 days, and so, if his fever is not a reaction to the H1N1 vaccine, it's because I took him back to the gym. We scheduled Emmett to have his tonsils out April 14 :(, and my mom arrives in 2 weeks!!! Oh....and our snow is starting to melt. We can even see some patches of grass in the back yard. Gotta love that! Henry LOVES salad w/ onions. Lots of onions. And, he's a leftie! Where did he come from????

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

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I can't believe I am married to a 36 year old man. Seriously, I am WAY TOO young to be married to a 36 year old man. 36 is closer to 40 then 30. And, I remember my parents as 40 (and no older :)). It's weird. Eddie was off on his birthday for Martin Luther King Day, so the boys and I got up in the AM and brought him Panera and coffee for breakfast. Other then that, his birthday was completely uneventful (it stinks getting old). He stayed w/ the kids while I ran to the store and Target. Then, he took Owen to and from a birthday party and then to and from soccer practice. Then, we ate happy birthday apple pie that we found in the freezer. Uneventful. But, then again. He is 36!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to reality...

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After our great Christmas visit to Eville and Chicago, we were greeted by a big dose of reality back at our home in Bville, NY. This, my friends, is SNOW!!! Lots and lots of snow. I mean, there is probably 3-4 feet of snow out there, and snowdrifts at the end of the driveway of 6-8 feet. CRAZY amount of snow. It's snowing again today, and I heard on the news that this is the 10th day of snow in a row. I'm not sure these pictures even do this sight justice. It is really amazing.

I'm SO thankful that we have a snow plow service. They come out and plow our driveway every time we get 3 inches or more of snow. Some days they come out multiple times in the same day. If we didn't have this service, we would not have been able to get to our garage after our trip. It would have taken DAYS to shovel this amount of snow.

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Buried in snow.

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Our house, covered by snow.

Looking out our back door

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The deck is covered, and we couldn't even open the back door if we wanted to. The heavy snow knocked over our pretty outside table. I hope it's not broken, but we probably won't know for sure until April or May when the snow is gone and we can assess the damage.

Long time friends are the best friends...

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Despite the chaos of bringing my three wild and crazy boys into the Coffman Phillips house (gorgeous house!) w/ her 2 little ones, Amy and I did have a great time catching up. We have been best buddies since high school (18 years worth!), and it was so wonderful spending time together again :).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

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And, it's not a great time for someone to be without a coat (OWEN!), but he is without a coat. Why? you ask....because he lost it at the Field Museum yesterday. Just stinkin great. Our car thermometer read 5 degrees yesterday, and today was the day that Eddie was going to take Owen and Emmett on a train ride to Chicago and back. I didn't want to buy him another coat, because he has an extra winter coat at home, so his only choice for going to the museum was to wear my coat. He wasn't thrilled, but he really wanted to go on a train ride so he wore my coat (minus the pink hat). I think he looked kind of cute :).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Children's Museum = FUN!

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Today, after Eddie took Owen and Emmett train riding, Amy and I took Ellie and Henry to the Dupage Children's Museum. They had a blast! It's like the Children's Museum in St. Louis on a smaller level. It wasn't crowded and we were there a long time. Amy and Dave live only a handful of blocks from this little gem. When, Eddie and the boys were done on the train they met us at the museum. As we were leaving the museum, Owen said, "I sure wish we lived here. There is SO much to do." Yep, too :).

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celebrating the New Year...

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with good friends (see below) and sparkling apple cider. Click on this photo to see Ellen.

What we've been up to....

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I apologize for the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. I have Christmas photos to share (and Christmas stories), but now we're in Chicago. We went to Eville for the holidays and on the way back to Bville took a slight detour to the Chicago area to visit our good friends, Dave and Amy Coffman Phillips. Amy and I have been good friends for 18 years. They used to live a wee bit closer to us in NYC, but moved to the Chicago area almost a year ago (I'm insanely jealous!).

We've been gone for almost 2 weeks, and we're enjoying every moment of our time together. I'm going to be paying for my overeating and overspending for months to come...but we're building memories :).

We're spending 3 and a half days in Chicago and have taken the boys to 3 museums: the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and Museum of Science and Industry. Tomorrow, the boys want to ride around on the trains....with no particular place to go.

We've had a great time catching up w/ our friends and getting to know their 2 little ones better. And, Amy and Dave are getting an opportunity to experience a little bit of what life is like with 3 boys (LOUD!).

Sears Tower

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The tallest building in the United States.

Shedd Aquarium.

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Lots of fish.

Japanese spider crib

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Owen and Emmett were SO excited to visit SUE - the world's largest and most complete dinosaur (from fossils discovered in South Dakota) at the Field Museum.

They also really liked the Ancient Egyptian exhibits w/ the mummies. They learned a ton.

But, after 8 hours of museum touring and no nap - Henry was exhausted. And, lucky us, when the kiddo gets exhausted - he amps up. HE. WAS. WILD. So, unfortunately, we didn't get to read every little detail about everything we saw.

Submarine exhibit

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Eddie went with the boys on the submarine tour at the Museum of Science and Industry. Henry and I played in a water playground while they were doing the tour. The boys loved the tour, but Emmett said it was a little scary - and loud (it was a simulated submarine ride). They also toured a coal mine - in honor of my dad - who used to work in a coal mine.

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Owen reading a book to Ellen.