Sunday, December 25, 2011

011 by megan bauer
011, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Headed into his Christmas program..

Christmas Program

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024, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

My boys have been at the same preschool for a total of 6 separate years. This Christmas program is the same thing. Every year. And, it absolutely never gets old. I LOVE watching these kiddos sing. As I recall, it took Emmett until his 3rd year of preschool before he actually sang the songs.
Henry, ever the social butterfly, didn't hesistate.

The best line? Henry sings "as they shouted out w/ glue" instead of "as they shouted out w/ glee!" from Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer.

It's about time..

008 by megan bauer
008, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen cut his hair. Really cut his hair. As in, his hair hasn't been this short since he was 5 years old.

Why? Not really sure...

He woke up one morning and said he wanted to cut his hair. Completely off. When I asked him why, he was vague. He said something about being tired of me running my fingers through his hair. He mentioned he was tired of me chasing him with a hairbrush. At any rate, when the stylist started cutting his hair, she would cut a bit off and then stop. To which he would say, keep going - not short enough.

Fast forward a few days when I ran into one of his best soccer buddy's mom. She says that her son told her that Owen cut his hair, because a girl in his class that he like said she would go out w/ him if he cut his hair (to which Eddie was all "I like this girl already!). Then, the mom said, that after Owen cut his hair he decided he didn't like her anyway...

Eddie and I were shocked and didn't believe the story. He has NEVER mentioned girls before. NEVER. But, at training, a group of his teammates were teasing him about this girl??

Christmas Eve, after dinner, Eddie and I had a conversation about it. He completely denied it all. Hmm...but, he did mention that everyone in class (boys and girls) liked each other. Oh boy - I guess it's that time.

At any rate, it took me forever to like his long hair. But then, I really liked it. This short hair is growing on me, but I won't tell Owen I like it. Or, he'll grow it again immediately!

Doesn't Emmett look like he belongs in the musical "Rent"? How many different colors can you throw on pal?

Friday, December 16, 2011

IMG_7106 by megan bauer
IMG_7106, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Baby boy

IMG_7117 by megan bauer
IMG_7117, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

There's still a little bit of baby left. RIGHT?


IMG_7119 by megan bauer
IMG_7119, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

8 years old. I love his heart shaped face.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Failed Christmas Card attempts

108 by megan bauer
108, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

I'm going to see my dear friend (who also happens to take beautiful photos), Amy, tomorrow in hopes that she can get a better Christmas card photo than I can. Photographer - I'm not.

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096, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

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112, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Monday, November 14, 2011

11 year old

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045, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen turned 11 on November 6. It is SO hard for me to believe he's 11. The day he turned 11 we went to church (his Sunday School class walked to Burger King) and then came home and played outside. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Then, we went to yoga (his soccer team is doing yoga. Good for the mind, body, and soul. He loves it!). Then, we picked up pizza and wings for dinner (his choice).
He's not much of a "sweets" eater. So, these brownies we made just for show. He didn't eat any of them. He doesn't particularly like cake, brownies, etc. etc. And, he didn't want anything but his pizza and wings. Crazy kid.

049 by megan bauer
049, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

I just like this picture.


051 by megan bauer
051, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen (and Justin's) Birthday Party

010 by megan bauer
010, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen turned 11 on November 6, and he had a joint birthday party w/ his buddy, Justin, from his soccer team. It was opening night for Syracuse's new professional indoor soccer team, and Owen and his whole team were there! The boys had practice, and after had pizza and cake. Then, we all carvaned over to the game. Thank goodness my mom is here and stayed home w/ Henry, because the place was absolute chaos. Fun chaos. The boys had the best party ever.

037 by megan bauer
037, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

025 by megan bauer
025, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

The boys got to go on the field before the game. They were in heaven. Soccer heaven.

Happy Hauntings...

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003, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

My mom arrived the day before Halloween to spend the next 6 weeks with us! She's never been with us on Halloween. This means she'll also get to celebrate Owen's and Henry's birthday with us! And, Thanksgiving!!! We are so excited.

My boys have never been super huge into dressing up - so Halloween is often a last minute affair.

This year - Owen was a bed bug (see his antennae?). We put the costume together the night before. Emmett -because he's SO good to his mama, said he would be whatever Owen was last year. Hence, he was a skeleton. And Henry was a ninja. This isn't that big of a stretch from his everyday actions or attire. I normally repeat - at least a couple of times a week - "HENRY! You are not a real ninja." This Halloween, he was.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Emmett turns 8

019 by megan bauer
019, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

I'm a little late, but Emmett turned 8.

His birthday was September 4. I can not believe my middle man is 8. He still is my least complicated, challenging kiddo. He's an absolute pleaser, and he rarely argues, complains, or disagrees with me.

For example, I just asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, He's all what was Owen last year? I said, "He was a skeleton." He says, "Do we still have that costume?" When I tell him yes, he says "I'll just wear that then". See how good he is to me? He's quiet and content. And, I adore him.

8th year stats (for record keeping purposes):

51 inches (50th %)
69 3/4 pounds (80th %)

And, I just ordered him new shoes - size 5!!! (Owen - 3 years younger - wears a 5 1/2). They were $75 btw....add that to my list of reasons I need to work more than 8 hours a week...

And grandpa came to visit...

027 by megan bauer
027, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Grandpa John came to visit for Emmett's 8th birthday - which fell on Labor Day. What a great weekend we all had. One of the days Grandpa, Emmett, Owen, and Eddie went to the baseball hall of fame. Emmett will tell you his favorite sport to play is soccer, but he's really enjoying baseball too. He played this spring and did a great job. He played a lot of shortstop and first base. But, also got a chance to pitch a handful of times.

On Emmett's birthday, we went to the State Fair. I seriously dislike the State Fair, but it's here in Syracuse, so we usually go once - if just to say we did it. With my dad there, I had a serious moment of weakness, and we came home with a rabbit (more on that later).

The evening of Emmett's birthday, Grandpa, Eddie, Owen, and Emmett went to the Syracuse Chiefs minor league baseball game. We went a couple times this year, and Emmett loves going.

To top it all off, he got a fishing pole for his birthday from the Spindler's. And, the only rainy day that my dad was with us, we went fishing. All of us. Emmett had been begging to go. We didn't catch anything. And, it was cold. And wet. But, we laughed aplenty.

017 by megan bauer
017, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

The baby - my social butterfly - does not want to be left out of the spotlight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emmett - school picture 2011

025 by megan bauer
025, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Emmett on his way to school for school pictures - 2nd grade. I love this photo because you can see his small little dimple in his left cheek.

Owen school picture 2011

028 by megan bauer
028, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

This is Owen on the way to school for school pictures - 5th grade. Yes, his hair is WAY too long. But, he's almost 11 and I have to pick my battles, and there are lots of them. It was battle enough getting him out of his atheltic wear (you don't want to know what he's wearing on the bottom). Both of the boys have short sleeved t's under their nice shirt, so they can take this shirt off as soon as pictures are done.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An honor for Emmett

020 by megan bauer
020, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

At the end of last year, when Emmett was still in first grade, he was chosen to participate with a group of 13 kids in a singing program. He was one of only 2 first graders chosen (out of 70 kids!), and one of 13 in the whole school. They were scheduled to sing at the teacher's kick off assembly the day before the first day of school. They practiced all summer. And, in September sang in front of every school teacher, teacher's assistant, and administrator in the district. It was the most beautiful performance. And, if I can figure out how to transfer some video that I took on the blog - I'll do that. They sounded so beautiful that I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face. And, I was SO proud of my quiet, shy Emmett.
They did such a good job that they were asked to sing in October at a school board meeting. And, they were recently videotaped to be shown to all the schools in the district. THese photos are blurry, because they were taken w/ my iphone from a distance away.

023 by megan bauer
023, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

017 by megan bauer
017, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

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016, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Spell check anyone?

Wow! Things have changed. I am SHOCKED at the spelling words Owen and Emmett have in school this year.

A small sample:

Emmett (2nd grade): another, year, company, delighted, appreciate, thinning, wonderful, enjoyed, loyal fond

Owen (5th grade): pharmaceutical, divulge, phoenitician, rumba, intiated, imitate, ingenuity (not even sure if I spelled this one right - where's Owen when I need him?), and rumpus.

Can you believe this? A small explanation though - there is a pretest each week of 10 words for both kids. Both boys pass this pretest each week without missing one, so these are the words they are given. And, Owen gets all these crazy hard words right. Emmett gets most right. Unbelievable.

Emmett has a really tough teacher this year. He's had more homework than Owen ever has had. But, I'm sure he's going to learn TONS.

This is the first year that Owen really has ever had homework. He's not thrilled. He doesn't like doing work of any sort. But, thankfully, he's smart enough to do really well even doing the most minimal studying.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Henry gets a turn!

001 by megan bauer
001, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

FINALLY! Henry gets his turn playing microsoccer. He was SO excited! And, talked about it days in advance.

The first thing he said to the coach when he walked on the field was , "Is it OK if I slide tackle?". I also overheard him say once, "Wow! I hit the crossbar!"

His coach has no idea what he is in for.

What do you notice about this picture?

006 by megan bauer
006, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Henry was the ONLY 3 year old without a parent next to him? Out of 19 kids, I was the only one who didn't stay on the field w/ their child. In my defense, Henry didn't want me there. He wanted me to go to the bleachers and watch him - like I watch Owen and Emmett.

So - I put his water bottle on the side, gave him a kiss, and enjoyed watching him from afar. HURRAY!

004 by megan bauer
004, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

The other 3 year olds were no match for my Henry. Remember the first place Henry EVER went (when he was born) after we left the hospital was a soccer tournament at the indoor sports center where this was held. BEFORE WE WENT HOME.
Henry has spent 3 years living and breathing socder. He was ready. They asked about moving him up to the 4 or 5 year old group, because Henry was super bummed that they weren't actually playing a game! But, then he decided to stay w/ the 3 years olds, because he really liked playing the red light/blue light game.

008 by megan bauer
008, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Owen's first day of 5th grade!

032 by megan bauer
032, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

And, yes, he looks like a complete bum. But - I have to pick my battles, and that just isn't one of them (notice his cast from under his jacket).

Owen got the teacher he wanted, and he is super excited. This is his last year in the elementary school, so he's the king of the school. Next year, he'll be in elementary school. That's SO hard to believe!

This is the first year that I can ever remember where it has been raining on the first day of school. We usually take pictures on the back porch, but because of the rain, we couldn't.

Also, this is the first year my boys rode the bus in the AM. They're the last ones picked up before the bus heads to school (a short ride), but the last ones dropped off on the way home (which makes for a really long ride!). So, this year, they're going to ride the bus in the AM, and I'm going to bring them home at dismissal.

Emmett's first day of 2nd grade

027 by megan bauer
027, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Emmett has a teacher that Owen didn't have. She's known for being very strict, but teaching the kids lots! Emmett is such a good student. A good listener. Never gets in trouble. I'm sure she'll love him!

033 by megan bauer
033, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Henry didn't start pre-school for another week later.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back in the cast...

161 by megan bauer
161, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

4 weeks after Owen's cast was taken off, he had another put back on. He was riding his bike (without his splint on), and fell off his bike.

He was much more bummed about the cast second time around, then he was the first.

He just started 5th grade, and he can't write. So, I'm doing all his homework (am I smarter than a 5th grader?) He can't particpate in gym or recess. He can't play soccer w/ his travel team.

Seriously bummed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Italian and the German

112 by megan bauer
112, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

(as my Grandpa likes to call them)

Can you guess which is which? And, could they possibly look any more different?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 generations

377 by megan bauer
377, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

I absolutely cherish time I get spend with my grandma. It had been a year since we spent time with her, and may be another year before we see her again.

Owen interviewed grandma (his GG) while we were in Florida. He got a list of questions from the computer about interviewing grandparents, and learned a lot about what life was like when she was his age.

378 by megan bauer
378, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

A true authentic smile! LOVE it!

Quiet time with Grandpa Tom

386 by megan bauer
386, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Our family in feet

410 by megan bauer
410, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

We painted Henry's toes w/ nail polish too :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach soccer

416 by megan bauer
416, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

This is an OFFICIAL "beach" soccer ball - as in the kind that's used for beach soccer tournaments. They're a little lighter than regular soccer balls, so that they can be used bare foot. Owen ordered in online - so he would have it for Florida.

421 by megan bauer
421, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

424 by megan bauer
424, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

427 by megan bauer
427, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Every morning and every night, the boys made new friends on the beach. I was often on the beach by 630 AM w/ Henry (the other boys slept in), the boys joined us after breakfast, and we came in only for lunch and dinner. After dinner, we went down and walked the beach often not coming in until dark. And then, they sometimes came back out and hunted sand crabs.

2nd annual family reunion!

282 by megan bauer
282, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

We celebrated our 2nd annual family reunion in August in Destin, Florida. I have so many wonderful photos to share that it will take me weeks to upload to this blog - so bear with me.

There were 22 of us there this year. Some relatives I hadn't seen in years. We had the best time, and are alerady counting down our time until our 2013 reunion.

This year we made a last minute decision to fly instead of drive. My mini-van (now with 150,000 miles on it) was very happy with our decision. But, flying out and back Saturday to Saturday was really expensive, so it ended up being cheaper extending our stay in Florida instead. SO - we got to spend 11 days and 10 nights in Floriday. I think I'm going to have a hard time going less than that from now on...

433 by megan bauer
433, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

434 by megan bauer
434, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Aren't they handsome?

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443, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

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448, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

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446, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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454, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

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457, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.