Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of isolation...

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Since we emerged from isolation 2 weeks ago, and have played w/ friends, gone to the gym day care, and spent hours upon hours at the sports center - Henry is now sick again. His pediatrician suspects RSV or an adenovirus. Whatever. Doesn't really matter. All is know is that the child is absolutely miserable and is wheezing like crazy. This equals constant nebbing and more prednisone and antibiotics. He's been on and off antibiotics for a month now, since his eardrum is still shiny red (looks like those ear tubes aren't helping a whole lot). Not so much fun at our house.

In addition, Owen visits the orthodontist tomorrow. I might need to start working more.

PS Ignore the double chins on Eddie in this photo (he's not going to like that I posted this). He really is skinny these days. Really.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Karaoke

Michelle tries to get Henry to sing karaoke w/ her (more details about our Thanksgiving below). Addison (10 years) is next to Michelle. Logan (almost 13) is on the coach, and Charlie is doing dishes. Missing from the video is Chase - their 6 year old.

What. A. DAY!

Today, we traveled to Binghamton for a soccer tournament. Remember I mentioned that Owen's CNY United soccer team merged w/ another powerhouse - Empire United? Well, this merger has been incredible for Owen's U9 team. We have added 4 fabulous boys to our top 8 fabulous boys to equal one seriously super U9 boy's team. They are undefeated this winter in a U11 league, and haven't even played a tough game yet.

Today, was a challenge for us. We went to Binghamton for a tournament and enrolled in a U12 league. IT WAS AWESOME!

Our boys (plus 2 super spectacular girls that took the place of 2 of our boys that couldn't play - one of those super spectacular girls just happens to be Addison - the Hornsey's daughter) rocked it, and took 2nd place in the tournament. They played boys who were (literally) 2 times their size. Seriously, these 12 year old boys were probably 5'6 - 5'8. And, our boys (one even littler then Owen) didn't back down. Did I mention they were AWESOME?

In the semi-final game they played a team that they had already lost to 2-0 (a HUGE team). And, they tied the team 2-2. Because it was the semi-final game, there couldn't be a tie. They played sudden death - this means first one to score wins. BUT - after every 2 minutes, you have to remove a player. The team played their hearts out. They were tired. EXHAUSTED. But, they kept playing. Finally, there was only 1 goalie and 1 player left per team (our only player being the super spectacular Addison). And, WE WON!!!!! The team rushed to the center of the field and piled on top of one another. One of our coaches (who is 6'5) grabbed Addison and spun her around. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Shoo...we are all exhausted after so much excitement. But, there is another soccer tournament tomorrow :).

Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day actually started w/ Thanksgiving Eve. The Hornsey family invited us and a few other friends over to their house on Thanksgiving Eve for happy hour...which they host every few weeks. Charlie Hornsey is the assistant brewmaster at AB, and they are from Alton, Illinois. We met them 3 years ago when Owen and their daughter, Addison, both joined CNY United soccer at the same time. Since then, our worlds have crossed paths often. So - Thanksgiving Eve at the Hornsey's - we were there chatting and hanging out from oh...about 430 - 800. Then, we went home, put the kids to bed, and the phone rings. Are you guessing what happened next? It's Charlie - telling Eddie he'll be there in a half hour to pick him up, so they can go out. To make a long story short - at midnight, Michelle (Charlie's wife) called them and went to bail them out of the bar.

So...Henry woke up Eddie at 545 that AM, and he spent the rest of the day puking. COULD. HAVE. KILLED. HIM.

On Thanksgiving Day, we went back to the Hornsey's. This photo is Eddie and Charlie asleep on the couch. In their defense, they didn't spend all day on the couch. They pepped up after awhile (Eddie probably knew his life was hanging by a very small thread).

Despite all this, we had a super great day w/ the Hornsey family. We hung out all day (literally...9 hours worth). Talking, chatting, doing karaoke. We were sad that we couldn't spend the day w/ family. But, this was a pretty close second.

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Henry took a 2 1/2 hour nap laying on the Hornsey's coach - right in the middle of all the action. This is the longest nap he's taken in a month!

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Henry and Michelle. Michelle is the friend from Henry's birthday party that I didn't get a picture of. I made sure that didn't happen today :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby - you've got style

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Henry is going through this hilarious phase of dressing himself. But, he's not ONLY dressing himself (he still needs a little help) - he's dressing himself multiple times. Layer after layer after layer. This picture is an example of Henry's style. What you can't see is the layers underneath the outer clothes. He also has my sports bra on and another shirt on underneath the red shirt AND he has two pairs of underwear on underneath the black shorts. AND, none of the clothing is his own. Crazy kid.

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Playing in the big box.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry!

Can you believe this?

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Henry - newborn style

Henry at 1 year old...

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Who is this???

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with a 2 on his shirt....

Henry Edward is 2!!!

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My baby last baby....turned 2 years old on Thursday. Bittersweet. It's bittersweet because those first two years are hard. Every day the kids get older, daily tasks get easier. But, it's also sad. I love cuddling my little guy. And, I LOVE his excitement over the every day things we take for granted. TREE! AIRPLANE! BUS! DOG! FIRE ENGINE! Henry has been our easiest baby. Our best sleeper. The least likely to cry. The most likely to go with the flow. Our latest walker.
He doesn't get to go to playgroups. Or do gymboree or music classes. No - just hanging and playing for us. His 2 years have been very different then the other boys. It's a necessity with 3. Anytime it's just the 2 of us, we're at the store or doing laundry. There's no time for hanging out. We drive the boys back and forth. We hang out at the sports center for soccer practices 4 days a week. He's my sidesick.
At his 2 year check up, he was 35 inches tall (75th%) and 28 pounds (fully dressed w/ diaper - 50th%).
He's a tough cookie and NEVER cries when he falls or hurts himself. Of course, this could be because he's spent a good portion of his 2 years sick (he has another ear infection now - left over from one that never cleared 2 weeks ago - even though he has tubes).
He runs, jumps, spins in circles, and does somersaults.
He goes in the backyard w/ the big boys and I don't hear a peep from him.
He doesn't run or dart from me, and walks cautiously on the road.
He makes friends everywhere we go, and will go to anyone! He smiles all the time, laughs all the time, and talks to everyone.
He can count to three :), and identifies his colors correctly...some of the time.
He can say almost everything, and puts two to three words together, although his words aren't always clear. Drink is "gink", his fave stuffed animal's name is Moppett..he calls it "op op". Interestingly, he still doesn't say Owen OR Emmett..even though he says everyone else's name! He calls Owen and Emmett "boys". If he wants Owen, he says, "boys". Same for Emmett. Bizarre.
He loves to read, and drives matchbox cars around all the time.
He makes the best siren sound ever (why haven't I gotten this on video yet???).

I'm excited to get to know my little buddy as he grows. I'm not sure the person that they are at 2 is who they are at 6 and then 9 and then 12, etc. I feel like my boys have changed a lot.

Henry starts preschool in the fall. I sign him up for it in January. I can't believe it.

I love this kid. Be still my heart.

Henry's birthday party

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We had a small gathering for Henry's birthday party. I know it doesn't look small from this photo, but there were only 4 families. I invited Henry's fave people and their families. When Henry sees these ladies, he (literally) leaves my arms and runs into their arms. I love that :). For some horrible reason, I didn't get a picture of one of the ladies, Michelle. I'm going to post one of her soon. I also didn't get a picture of one of other fave families, the Hourihans, our across the street neighbors. I'm going to be working on that, too!

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Henry and Sheila - one of his fave people (and a good buddy of mine, too :)).

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Henry and Jen - one of his fave people. This is Emmett's best buddy, Troy's mom (and a good friend of mine, too :)).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Someday - World Cup?

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My boys have recently taken to talking about how some day...many days from today....they are going to be playing in the World Cup. Together. Owen on offense. Emmett on defense. I love that they love each other.

So, for indoor soccer season this year, we put Owen and Emmett on a house (non-competitive) soccer team. It's a U9/10 league, so Emmett is the absolute youngest (and smallest). But, what the heck? It means they play at the same time every Saturday. Bonus for us. I was a little nervous that Emmett would be intimidated by playing w/ the bigger and older players, but he ran right out there. It's also the first time he's ever played a full field. But, he definitely holds his own. It is so much fun to watch them together. Emmett plays defense and Owen plays offense, so Emmett often passes the ball up to Owen. FUN!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's going on at my house tonight?

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Owen's first ever slumber party. Feeling for us?

Owen has been begging for a slumber party for oh...about a year now, and I have finally folded. The deal was that I only let him invite three kids. He thought hard and invited three of his good buddies from soccer. He has been playing soccer w/ these kids on CNY United first and now Empire for 2 years now. And now that they are practicing 3 times a week, he spends a lot of times w/ these kids.

It's 1030 PM as I write this, and they are still going strong. I keep debating about how long I'm going to let them stay up. I don't mind them staying up late, but I don't think I can stay up much longer and I don't want to fall asleep before they do. So....we'll see.

Tomorrow AM, I am taking this crew to Owen's soccer birthday party at 10 AM. Wish us luck.

Pile up!!!

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I thought the boys would spend most of the evening/night playing soccer on the Wii. We even moved the Wii downstairs. I was wrong. They've hardly touched the Wii. Instead, they have played soccer the WHOLE TIME. Whatever panels left on the ceiling before the night began are likely to be gone by morning.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Owen!

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Owen had a great birthday. After his school celebration of cupcakes, he went to soccer practice (playing soccer on his birthday...nothing much better). I asked him earlier if he wanted me to cook a special dinner for him on his birthday or if he wanted to go out to eat, he chose the out to eat. I'm thinking I should be offended.

So, we headed out to eat after soccer, but there was a long wait everywhere he chose and we had Henry. So...we drove through Wendy's and went to Red Robin for lunch the next day.

He was very thankful that his grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousins sent birthday presents, because we didn't get him anything. We got a new bike earlier in the year, and that was his present.

His birthday party (at the soccer center, of course) is Wednesday (they're out of school) AND I must be crazy....but we are hosting our first ever slumber party on Tuesday night. I only let him invite 3 kids and they are all soccer buddies, we'll see how it goes. I must be crazy.

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Owen and his super fabulous teacher, Mrs. Lasinski. I wouldn't let her touch him, because her son has H1N1. She's a germ-phobe as much as I, so she understood :).

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Emmett and Henry enjoying cupcakes at Owen's school celebration.

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Owen's enjoying his snack in his classroom.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Dear Owen letter...

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On this day nine years ago, our lives were forever changed.

Our first born, Owen, was born at 337 AM, November 6, 2000. We've blinked. And now he turns 9. Nothing has ever been the same. As anyone w/ children knows, going from zero children to one changes things in a way you can't comprehend to imagine before children. What an experience. Your life is never the same. From that point on, your heart belongs inside another person. It's an amazing, and often frightening prospect.

Owen is undoubtedly the sweetest, kindest child you could ever meet. Empathy pours out of his every pore. He cries during the High School Musical song when Troy and (can't remember her name....Vanessa Hudgens) break up. He cried during the movie, UP. He feels everybody's pain like his own. He is the perfect child to lead our three boys, because he always treats his brothers w/ compassion and love. He gives them kind words of encouragement like, "Oh, are going to be a better soccer player then I am really soon." God knew what he was doing making him first. We are so blessed.

It's hard to ignore the challenges we've dealt w/ to, like Owen's horrible, horrible eczema as an infant. His allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and the like. And, now his asthma. He doesn't like to sleep and never has. He is scared to be alone, and still chooses to sleep w/ Emmett. Every night. He likes what he wants when he wants it. He always wants to be moving. He always must be doing something. And, he sure likes to argue.

He also has some interesting "quirks". He's never sat through a movie at home, and doesn't particularly care for Disney movies. His favorite channels are the Fox Soccer Channel, The Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. He doesn't like to read, but he's really good at it. When I force him to read, he'll chose a story about the Titanic, or the Civil War, or his atlas or dictionary. Snooze....He also LOVES to make a good list, and after bringing home a fundraiser for school, he went through and made a tally sheet of how much everything cost. For example, there was 10 things to choose from between $5.00-10.00. He's got a running list of every hurricane that has ever hit and he can tell you (from memory) what year it hit, where it hit, and what it's F score was. In first grade, he took a poll out of friends of family members to track how many different languages people spoke. He's fascinated by the weather and wants to be a storm chaser when he grows up (if he can't be a professional soccer player). His favorite storm chaser is Dr. Josh Worman.

But, he's also a natural leader (he's been picked by his teachers to be the student council representative for his classes 4 years in a row). He's good at everything he does (soccer, lacrosse, acting, singing, piano, reading, writing, math). Oh, and he just won second place for best Halloween story in the whole third grade (out of 4 classes). And, he has confidence dripping from his body by the gallon full. He truly doesn't believe that there is anything he can't do. He never gets his feelings hurt. For example, when we moved to NY and he was just 4 1/2, I took Owen and Emmett to a park to play. I watched my little boy follow this group of kids around, trying to play w/ them. We had just moved here and knew no one. He was desperate for kid interaction. And, as I'm watching him, this little girl turns to him and says, "Stop following us. You can't play w/ us. We don't even know your name." Can you imagine how sad I was watching this? I was quickly trying to think in my head how I was going to take some of his pain away. I shouldn't have worried. Even at 4 1/2, Owen was full of confidence and couldn't imagine any reason why someone wouldn't want to play w/ him. He looked that girl square in the face and said to her, " name is Owen. Now you know my name, so we can play." The girl replied, "OK". And off they ran. I was so proud of him. At that moment, I knew he was going to be OK. I knew that I could put him in any circumstance, and he would be OK. I count on him. I trust him. He is good and responsible, and an old soul. Our dear friend, Andrea, used to say (when he was 4) that talking to him was like talking to an old man. That's pretty much the truth. He's wise beyond his years. He's as comfortable around adults as he is children. And, even though he was a late talker, he makes up for it in volumes now. This child can talk....and talk.....and talk....I know he is going to be one of those kids, and then one of those adults that is always first, best, and excels at absolutely everything. But, I also know that this gift comes with it's very own troubles. There will be struggles. And, I'm sure that someday I may look back at our past challenges and know that they are nothing compared to what we are now facing.

I pray that his life will always be easy. But, that he also learns the value of hard work. I pray that he leads by example. And, I pray that he faces no harm, and that he never knows what it truly means to be hurt. I pray that he lives life without regret. And, most of all, I pray that he has peace.

Happy Birthday, Owen.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can you believe this duo?

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Emmett has been BEGGING, absolutely BEGGING for sports glasses like Owen's. I have told him, over and over and over, that when he really starts to play sports, we'll get him some. Well this year, he's playing on a U10 league (w/ Owen) and his prescription changed anyway, so we bit the bullet. My hesistation other then finances? Sports glasses are for SPORTS!! And yet Owen insists on wearing his in place of his nice looking blue framed glasses that bring out his gorgeous blue eyes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! My fear is now Emmett is going to wear his EVERY SINGLE DAY and cover up his big, beautiful brown eyes. UGH! Unfortunately, I have WAY too many other battles to fight, so I'm not fighting this one. And since Emmett's prescription changed, he got another pair of regular glasses, that are just like his old ones (and look awesome on him!). We now own 4 pairs of glasses for Emmett and 2 for Owen. No wonder my budget is running lower and lower.....those things are EXPENSIVE. We see the orthodontist in a few weeks, I may need to be working more :(.

Monday, November 2, 2009

SU ball boy

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Last night, Owen had the opportunity (along w/ some of his other teammates) to be ball boy at the final SU soccer game. He had an absolute blast and took his job very seriously, despite the frigid temperatures. And, his team provided the halftime entertainment - they scrimmaged one another on the field.

This was kind of CNY United's last hurrah. This was the final event that was planned as the CNY United soccer team. Their team has now merged w/ the other top soccer team in the Syracuse area, Empire United making them an unstoppable force. Empire United has three teams across NY state, and for the older kids - this brings them national recognition. They even have a contract w/ Adidas. Our boys start practice this week - 3 times a week!!!! Which is a bit much for our U9 boys team, I think. Actually, it's a bit much for the moms and dads. The boys are absolutely thrilled to get to play together 3 times a week. They played their first game together this weekend as a combined team, and seriously - I'm not sure there's another U9 team around that could beat them. They are that good. They squashed a U11 team on Saturday. It's going to be fun to watch.

SU soccer

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Sunday, November 1, 2009