Monday, July 5, 2010

September 2009

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First day of school. Scroll down to see how much they've changed.

Emmett - last day of school

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Major changes from the first day of school!

That tooth hanging in the front finally fell out! And, Emmett got a hair cut - he looks way less dorky now then he did in this photo!

He's lost 6 teeth and completed kindergarten. He's reading my first reader books (and some books that are a little harder) independently. He went to his first summer camp last week - that lasted ALL day long (9 AM - 3 PM) - this, for the record, is the first time he has ever, (at 6.5 years old!) ever been away from me all day - remember, kindergarten is still half day here. He loves to snuggle me and give me kisses, but separates from me easily. He's not as timid. He's not as shy. And, he's finding his voice. He played tee ball for the first time (and loved it!). He's now missing his tonsils. He likes to veg out in front of the TV and Wii and if I let him (which I don't!) he'd remain there all day. Faves: Sponge Bob, I Carly, Big Time Rush. He's still an extreme early bird, but is really working on sleeping til 6 AM most mornings. He doesn't nap as often. He's growing like a weed. He says he'll be OK riding the bus in the fall (we'll see about that....). He loves fireworks, going to the movies, and putt putt golf. He's still not ready for a sleepover. He's easy to get along with, and rarely complains. He had a much better year with his kindergarten teacher then Owen had with the same kindergarten teacher. He hates socks and goes barefoot any chance he can. He's begging for a desk for his room, so he can do his "homework" next year.

This kid is READY for first grade.

Owen - last day of school

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Major changes:

Let's see....he's now demanding independence, and wants to be left alone. Often. I left him home alone for the first time last week. Briefly. Like, for 40 minutes. When I went to get Emmett for summer camp, and he didn't want to go (World Cup game was on). He will no longer wear clothes that aren't soccer shorts. He will not wear a nice shirt - only soccer shirts. And, I can't get him out of his sports glasses. He had a super fantastic teacher this year! He was the class student council representative (for 4 years straight). He can't wait to run track next year (4th grade is the start of track and field here). He's asking for a cell phone, an Ipod touch, and a TV for his room (even though he continues to sleep w/ Emmett). He likes to watch sports of any kind on TV - tennis, golf, track, swimming - doesn't matter. And, he continues to love the Discovery channel. Otherwise, he doesn't watch TV. He's moved into the second phase of losing teeth - lost his 9th one a few weeks ago. Still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause (don't we all?). He rides his bike around the block and a few streets over, by himself. He texts better and faster then Eddie and I do.

This kid is ready for 4th grade!

From this...

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To this!

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All in a short 2 years and 6 months - isn't that amazing?

Henry climbed out of his crib at the end of May and completely shocked me. Owen and Emmett NEVER climbed out of their cribs. In fact, if I put them in a crib now - they still might not be able to climb out. They're rational kids. Not adventurous. Henry - not so much. Out he went. I had no intention of putting him in a big bed until he was 3 or older...he slept SO well in his crib. Darn it!

So, now he's in a big bed. And not sleeping well. He rarely naps for more than an hour. And, he gets out of bed numerous times before finally settling down.

And, if this wasn't bad enough - try this - he ALWAYS makes his way to our bed by about 1 - 2 AM - ALWAYS! What is it with my kids and our bed??? Thankfully, Owen and Emmett don't join us quite as much as they used to - oh...probably only about once or twice a week. Which is great - since Henry is in there EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Now, I know what you're thinking. WALK HIM RIGHT BACK. RIght? That's totally what you were thinking. Except guess what? Eddie and I don't even know he's joined us until we roll over about 4 or 5 AM and notice him in there. I rolled over once about 3 AM and heard a big thud. He had cozied up next to me without me knowing...I rolled over and he fell out. Owen and Emmett always woke us before they joined us, "MOM - can I sleep w/ you?" Henry is much more stealth (and smart). He just climbs in.

The ONLY reason I know that he usually joins us about 1 - 2 AM is that he isn't in our bed when I get home from work at about 1200-1230 AM. But, once when I was working late and got home from work around 130 - Eddie was having a "tent" party w/ the big boys downstairs and Henry was asleep at the top of the he got up and went to move to our room...noticed we weren't there and was headed downstairs. Thankfully, he didn't fall all the way down the stairs!

So...the question is: how do we solve this problem, when we're not awake to walk him back??? This is probably a rhetorical question and we're just going to have to get used to him sleeping with us. It won't continue forever, right?

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A very serious, professional survey

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My dear hubbie is addicted to Cinnamon Buns Ben and Jerry ice cream. ADDICTED. (which doesn't bode well for my calorie counting). And, he often (at crazy hours) decides that we should go for ice cream (and, no. He's not pregnant). A lot of times this is when I'm working. He packs up all three kiddos - puts them in the car - and heads to Wegman's for ice cream. All the boys pick out one pint of ice cream each- then they sit in front of the TV and eat their ice cream w/ a spoon - directly from the pint.

Are you getting the picture?

Well - after soccer tourneys a few weeks ago, Eddie decided we should all go for ice cream. And then we (mutually) decided to try 11 different kinds of Ben and Jerry ice cream and rank them on a scale of 1-10 to determine which we like best.

By about the 6th pint, we were sick. Kind of like..."OMG! I'm going to puke." Then, "YOU CAN'T STOP. EAT THE ICE CREAM. WE MUST RATE IT!!!!"

So, after the miserable task of trying all the ice creams - and watching the super funny show "Tooth Fairy" while we were getting sick. These are the final results:

Overall fave: Cinnamon Buns

Owen's fave: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Megan's fave: Everything But The

Eddie's fave: Cinnamon Buns

Emmett's fave: Brownie Batter

Henry's fave: ALL OF THEM!

Least fave: Strawberry Cheesecake and Banana Split (no chocolate in these - automatic low rating from Owen and I)

More top rated picks: Karamel Sutra, Milk and Cookies

We are planning an upcoming Factory Tour of Ben and Jerry's in Vermont. A family has to have priorities, right?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Cup Fever has invaded our house!!!

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The World Cup started on June 10, and Owen counted down the days for months. He had all the magazines relating to the world cup, and he had the brackets posted on his wall 3 times: 1 for what he hoped would happen, 1 for what he thought would happen, and 1 for what did happen. For my ultimate soccer fan, the World Cup is a huge stinking deal - the Olympics of the soccer world, an international celebration and competition among countries, and the most watched sporting event in the world. The World Cup happens every 4 years, and Owen is already lobbying to spend the summer of 2014 at the World Cup.

The day of the first World Cup game was Friday, June 10, and Owen could hardly sleep the night before. I took him to school at 830 AM and at 9 AM I received a phone call from the school nurse, saying that Owen had a stomach ache. I asked the nurse to put Owen on the phone, and I'm all OWEN BAUER - YOU DO NOT HAVE A STOMACH ACHE!!! YOU JUST WANT TO COME HOME AND WATCH THE WORLD CUP!!! (first game scheduled for 1030 AM). He emphatically denied that - but I wasn't born yesterday. He went back to class and made it to noon, when he called back, and whispered into the phone to me, "but mom.....the World Cup only happens every 4 years!". I picked him up. Softie, I know.

Since then, he has watched every game. He has the World Cup sticker book and trading cards. He and Emmett blow their vuvuzelas loudly and proudly. He is a walking encyclopedia about each team. He knows the players. The scores. The team's history. It's such a super exciting time at our house.

I'm so happy to have a little boy who has something that he loves so passionately. That he has found a hobby that fills him with happiness. One of the parents of a little boy on Owen's soccer team was just telling me how much he loves to watch Owen play. He says that he's never seen anyone else play with such joy. That as he watches Owen play - he knows that there is no where else in this world that he would rather be then in that moment. On the pitch. Playing soccer.

And, because he's happy. I'm happy.

So......yeah, WORLD CUP TIME!!!!!!


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Owen was cheering for Nigeria from the very beginning. Too bad they went our early.....he then changed to cheering for Ghana - until they played the US, and then he cheered for the US. Now, he's cheering for Ghana and the Netherlands. This kid likes to root for the underdogs.