Thursday, September 23, 2010

School Picture DAY!

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School picture day is always interesting at our house. I have to prep Owen well in advance that he will not be able to wear his sweats to school that day. He must wear something a little nicer. No t-shirts. No sweats. We seem to be able to compromise on a nice bottom down shirt - that he can take off right after his photo.

But, then we fight about his glasses. He loves his red goggles. LOVES THEM. He links them to his identity. He is convinced that some day is he is going to be a professional soccer player. And he will be different. Memorable. Because he is little and wears red glasses. He's convinced. He's hard to argue with. But, I did. I told him he must take off his glasses (or put on his nice ones) for the photos. He was sad. Argued more. He reluctantly relented. I drove them to school as I always do. As he jumped out of the door, I called him back. I told him that he could wear his glasses. He gave me a smile that I won't forgot.

What happened? On the way to school, I thought about it. I decided that I didn't want to alter his perception of himself. I thought that it might be fun to laugh about it many years from now. Isn't that what school pictures are about?

I made his day. I'm happy about that.

Side note: I can't get over how blond Owen's hair has gotten again? It seems so foreign to our family. It makes me smile.

Emmett, in stark contrast, doesn't complain about what I ask him to wear. Will he always be like that?

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Henry's at that age where he's mastered the fake smile. He was on his way to preschool this AM, too. Today was his 3rd day of preschool - and he loves it as much as he did the first day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emmett turned 7....

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three weeks ago. But, I haven't yet recorded his vitals for the record book:

Height - 48.5 inches - 55th%
Weight - 62 # - 90th%

Side note: Owen (my almost 10 year old) weighs 68# in full clothing. Owen and Emmett are almost the same shoe size (E - 2.5, O- 3), and they share most of the same clothes. They are 3 years apart!!!! And, since Owen and Emmett are polar opposites in every way, shape, and form this only makes sense.

Emmett is an interesting child (aren't they all?). He's the loudest, wildest, craziest at my house, and the quietest out in public. He's not a complainer, and he'll usually do what I ask without a word. He gets his feelings hurt easily, and is very sensitive. He makes a great follower w/ Owen, but is often a leader in the classroom. He does really well in school, and can almost completely read independently, but if you asked him what he likes best about school he would tell you, "recess and gym." He's my snugglebug and likes to be on my lap any chance he gets. He still comes in our bed at night - and climbs in - unless another brother is already there, and then he sleeps on the floor. He's early to bed and early to rise. He's great w/ Henry, but often can't stop himself from teasing him or playing just a little too rough. He loves playing soccer and baseball, and he's good at both. He's very coordinated.

He makes my life easy almost every day of the week. He's my perfect middle man!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our most special, dedicated visitor (besides you, ma :))

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My dear, old friend (18 years worth of memories), Amy, came to visit last week - marking the 6th year in a row that she has visited us here in Syracuse. How about that for a super special friend? I LOVE her!

We did a whole lot of nothing - which is how we like it. She accompanied me on my errands - and we talked until we couldn't talk anymore. She helped me pick out new flooring for our flooding/remodel. We spent 4 full days together, and it went too fast.
I cherish our time together.

Did I mention that I love HER?

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We always celebrate the boy's birthdays w/ Amy when she comes. The boys love it! Amy is Owen's Godmother. He (and we) are so lucky to have her!

PS Don't you LOVE Emmett's heart shaped face?

Picking apples

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After dragging Amy to 3 soccer games and then out to eat, we then dragged her to the apple farm. The weather was beautiful all day long, but once we were completely out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded solely by apple trees, it started to pour. At that point, we could only laugh.

We didn't pick apples very long.

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Henry's perfect apple.

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Emmett worked really hard to find the perfect apple. He was so excited about the apple picking. Owen, my almost pre-teenager, was a different story. He did NOT want to go apple picking. But, he did have time to pose for one photo (see below).

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Riding out to the apple trees. Before it started raining!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

He's off and running...

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Henry started preschool this past Thursday. PRESCHOOL! Where has the time gone. True - he's only going for 2.5 hours, twice a week. True - he's going to preschool for 3 years before he will start kindergarten. But stil. A big stinkin' deal. I have a whole 5 hours a week to myself, and it's going to be wonderful. I'm hoping my closets are cleaned from top to bottom. (yes - this probably won't get done for years. Or, okay - until they are in college. But, a gal can hope, right?)

We've been talking about school A LOT - especially since Owen and Emmett started school. But, I never took him to the preschool to check it out before starting (he used to drop and pick up Emmett w/ me - but that was 2 years ago, and he has no recollection). He never met the teachers, and he didn't know a single soul in the class (third child - what can I say?) So, on the day he was supposed to start - he tried to get out of the car when I dropped Owen and Emmett off and go to school there. He was completely bothered that he wasn't going to Van Buren Elementary. I talked him into sitting down and helping me find his school, and when we pulled into the parking lot, he said, "OK - see you MOM!". I calmly suggested that he let me walk him in and introduce him to the teachers, and he thought that would be OK. We walked in. Hung up his backpack. Went potty. Tried to ignore the 3 screaming girls that were clinging to 3 teachers.

Henry was in his element. He walked right in. Introduced himself to a friend, "Hi, I Henry Bauer. We can be friends, all right?" And, all was good. He had a great time.

When I picked him up his teacher said, "What a cutie. This child is LOADED with personality." You think?

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Check out his gold soccer cleats. He LOVES these shoes. He always asks for his "ceats" (cleats).

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The backpack!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


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My middle man is a first grader - and it's about stinkin' time. This marks the FIRST time that my 7 year old has been away from me all day. 7 years old and it's his first time for all day school (kindergarten was still a half day). He is more than ready. He's going to do great.

He was happy and excited about it until this morning - getting ready - he started crying and he said he was really scared. He asked me to walk him into class, and I got to the office until the principal interecepted me and asked if I could say goodbye there. He started crying again and was all "I don't even remember where my class is". Then, he looked down the hall and saw his teacher waving. Took a deep breathe. And walked.

When I picked him up from school, he was super excited. He had a great day. He's going to do awesome.

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Fourth Grade!

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I can't believe Owen is headed to fourth grade - and in true pre-teen style - Owen complained about what he wanted to wear. The soccer shoes and soccer t shirt were a must, and he wasn't budging. I finally talked him into putting real shorts on, and saving the soccer shorts for oh - every day the rest of the year. Then, he complained about posing for pictures for EVERY SINGLE SHOT - which is why I have a collection of all this half smile, smirk shots. Ahhh...the memories.

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Henry usually cries out and heads to our room - then falls asleep before again before he gets there. After a few times of that, he eventually makes it to our room.

This photo: 11 PM. 15 minutes before he climbed into our bed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Step out my back door - look up and you see this!!!

It had to have been there most of the summer to be the enormous size it is, but Owen just noticed it and pointed it out.

The thing is huge. And, active. Bees are going in and out of it all day.

If it falls down, it would likely land right on the edge of our deck. My crazy husband is trying to throw a ball at it and knock it down now, because it's 10 PM and he's conviced they're sleeping.

If he's still alive, I'll call the exterminator on Monday.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Laser - TAG - you're it!

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My middle man turned 7 today, and he had a birthday party at Fun Junction - Laser Tag joint and arcade. He had a blast. His friends played lots of games. Owen decided he wants his party there. Henry tore the place up. And I? Well, I spent a lot of money.

Life lessons

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The boys found a turtle in the neighbor's yard. They spent 12 hours begging for us to keep it. I spent 12 hours explaining that turtles are happiest in the wild. After lots of debating, they made the wise decision to

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Let it go....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SU soccer!!!

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Owen has the opportunity again this year to be ball boy at a few SU soccer games, and Owen's soccer team got to play at half time. The first game was yesterday. The weather was gorgeous (hot per CNY standards - 90 degrees!), and we had so much fun - tailgating before (well...and during and after....for some of the grown ups - EDDIE!), and hanging out with the team. For a kid like Owen, it was utopia.

SIDE NOTE: Owen is on his way to being a professional ball boy - he's doing a bunch of the Bville high school games, too.

Collecting autographs

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After the game, Owen and Emmett, collected autographs. The soccer team was so nice to them - we stood around for a long time after the game and chatted. SU soccer groupie? Possibly...

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Do you see Emmett?

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Owen and his team playing at half time. So cool!

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My little ball boy.

Tired baby

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Since Henry doesn't nap anymore - this happens a whole lot around 5 PM...stinks!