Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Picking at Abbott's Farm

After the soccer game today (Owen had 3 goals), we loaded everyone up and headed to the apple farm. Most of the low apples were already picked, so we had to be creative to reach the high ones. We are having a really nice visit so far. Evelyn LOVES her cousin Owen and constantly says, "Hold my hand, Owen. OWEN....HOLD MY HAND!" She also loves her Uncle Eddie, and Eddie even rocked Josephine to sleep last night (he always been good w/ the ladies!). We're eating on paper plates and drinking out of paper cups (see below), but we're having fun :)!

My "plumber" husband

IMG_1216, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My SIL, nieces, and mom are in for a visit and wouldn't you know, my sink isn't working! No doubt because a hot wheel, popsicle stick, marker, or some other non degradable item has been pushed down it. Anyway, my "plumber" husband spent a good portion of the day and a significant amount of money at Home Depot before declaring, "Yep, it's broken. You'll have to call a plumber on Monday." Thanks, dear. Love ya!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amy's visit

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We had a great time w/ Amy. I meant to blog about it sooner, but Amy and Eddie both left on Tuesday late afternoon (Eddie to Orlando and Amy to E'ville), and I'm pretty exhausted by the time I get the boys to bed!
So what did we do w/ Amy, you ask? Well, pretty much nothing :)! But we still managed to have a fabulous time. We went to the mall three times, two different malls. Amy spent all day at the soccer fields w/ us on Saturday. She will be in no great hurry to watch soccer again anytime soon, I suspect. Amy took us out to eat to celebrate the boys birthday and gave them great presents. Oh...that makes for a fun story. She told the waitress, without the boys knowing, that it was their birthday and the waiters/waitresses sang happy birthday to them. After the majority of waiters/waitresses cleared out Owen said to our waitress (after already saying LOUDLY "who's birthday is it?") , "This is great cake. Usually we get ice cream." Amy and I laughed hysterically after she walked away. He made it sound like we do this weekly and cake was a nice change. Anyway, we did some scrapbooking :) (her more than I). We went to Skaneateles lake and did some shopping. All in all, we did a lot in her four days here and most importantly, we got to catch up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Me, finally!

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OK....for those of you who have is a picture of me. EEK Gads! Can you believe that I have 9 weeks left until my c/s. (not that I'm counting or anything). This is Skaneateles Lake. Amy and I went shopping there Monday morning.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Saddest Thing....

IMG_1133, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

I'm not sure if you can read this or not, so I'll try to explain. Eddie had the boys last Wednesday night and apparently Owen had a massive melt down. Eddie told me he knocked over the vacuum, screamed, etc, etc..
Anyway, Eddie put him in his room and when he let him out Owen gave him this note he had written. It said, "I will behave for the rest of my life. And will you believe me? And I am sorry to do what I did." Eddie said it broke his heart, and he felt horrible. He's been having a rough time at all day first grade and really misses down time and being home. Poor guy!

PS I turned his note into a scrapbook page. :) But he actually cut the letter into those strips. Not sure why......

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Soccer Stud and one very special visitor

As most of you know, Owen is completely and totally soccer crazy! He lives, breathes, and eats soccer. He spent most of the summer playing soccer games in the backyard (him vs. him), watches professional soccer on TV, and reads soccer books. He knows the names of all the professional soccer players (fave team: Man U...that's Manchester United for us lay people), and even made his own set of red and yellow cards to give to himself if he breaks a rule. He went to 5 full week soccer camps this summer and still couldn't get enough. CRAZY! He's also quite good. It's completely against his personality and interesting to watch. When he is on the field he's completely focused on putting the ball in the goal. He's aggressive, competitive, and fast. We were approached this summer about putting him on a select league (can you believe it starts this young????), and in August he tried out and made the team. So, for now, he's playing on two leagues which means our Saturdays are completely consumed w/ soccer. I am officially a soccer mom! The first pictures are from his regular city league. He is on the "hot orange cheetos" team. This is the non-competitive team and Owen scores 6-8 goals a game. He has a good time, but is completely irritated by the players who think this is just fun (you know...the ones who are picking flowers, doing cart-wheels, touching the ball with their hands - God Forbid!) The other team....CNY United (which is costing us a small fortune, I might add!) is all business. He is the youngest player on the team (it's a U9 team and most of the players are 8-9) and he is learning tons. However, their team has been playing all u10 teams from the region and they have been getting squashed. Check out the size of the opposing players. He's in gray. Their "official" uniforms (track warm up suit, bags and all) are on order. I think they have lost the games 20-0 or more. But this week was a good week. They had a few shots on goal and even scored one on a penalty kick. Owen looks so tiny out there, but he's not intimidated. You should see him push the other kids around. He plays midfield. So, he's all over! Not sure if his love of soccer will continue. But for now, least of all, it's great exercise! dear friend, Amy Busch (high school friend) is here!!!! I haven't caught a pic of her yet. But I will, soon. Amy sat w/ us at the soccer fields all day yesterday. She's such a special friend. You know the kind that you could organize your closet w/ all day and still have fun doing it. She's also Owen's God mommy. I'm so lucky to have her!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmett's new room

IMG_1050, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Here is a phase one photo of Emmett's new room. He's moved into what was formally the guest room. We painted the stripe (w/ measuring help from our friend, Kim Taffner) and suprisingly it wasn't too difficult but super time consuming! I'll send more photos as we get things hung on the wall. Emmett seems to like his new room and Owen loves it, too. At least I think he must. He's NEVER slept in his soccer room. He sleeps w/ Emmett every night (well until he moves into a sleeping bag on our floor at about 1 AM)! UGH!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emmett's first day of school

Today was Emmett's big day! He started the 4 year old "upstairs" class at Presbyterian Nursery School. And, big news....NO TEARS! So hard for me to believe after crying every morning for 6 weeks last year, he's changed that much!!! He has one of his teachers from last year (whom he loved) and one of Owen's old teachers and that may have helped. But for whatever reason, he did GREAT! And, I had a whole 21 minutes to myself, before I got a phone call from Owen's school nurse. His asthma has been acting up and even though I gave him a nebulizer treatment before he went to school at 8 this morning, he was in the nurse's office at 9:30 (retracting, coughing, and not doing well...her words) needing another treatment. So needless to say, I picked him up and after getting Emmett at 10:30 (his first day was only 1.5 hours) took Owen to see his asthma doc. Dx: ear infection (he never complained) and asthma flare-up. He's now being "nebbed" three-four times a day and is on prednisone. NO FUN!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Audition #2

IMG_1015, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

So, I picked Owen up from school today an hour early because he had an audition. About a week ago I got an email from the casting agent of the production studio that ran his last audition (remember she took his head shot and info for future dates?) Anyway, she said she had the perfect opportunity for him and that they were looking for 4-7 year olds to ride a scooter in a bank commerical. So, we went. It was A LOT less painless then the last audition, because it was a closed audition meaning you had to have an invite to try out (the last one was an open audition). We got there, they videotaped him riding a scooter and smiling, took his photo and we left. They were going to pass the tapes on in the AM and we should hear by Friday if he got the part. I'm not expecting much, but Owen REALLY wants to be in a commerical (and I want the money!) so I suppose we'll continue going to auditions as long as they keep inviting us and as long as Owen wants to.

First Day of School

IMG_1003, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Does he look like a first grader or what????
The day went well. I drove Owen to school and walked him into the classroom. Owen never looked back, but I fought back the tears. I can't believe he is going to be gone from me ALL DAY! Makes me so sad. But, I'm proud of the independent, happy, confident little man he is turning in to. The teacher promised me he would be exhausted when I picked him up. But, when I picked him up (an hour early...see the next post) he wasn't tired, just super excited! He talked my ear off for the next hour giving me every small detail. He was most excited that he liked the chicken nuggets from the cafeteria, although they only gave him two so he ate the tomato soup I packed for him, too.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tough Week Part 2

IMG_0897, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

To make my week even more sad, toss in Emmett turning 4 TOMORROW! I can hardly stomach the thought of my "baby" turning 4. And, he doesn't even look 4 yet (right, Toni? :)).
I was hugging him yesterday telling him I couldn't believe I wasn't going to have a 3 year old around my house anymore and he says, "That's OK, mom. Our new baby will be three some day." Such wisdom!

Tough Week

IMG_0890, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

OK....I feel like I have a tough week coming up. Owen starts school on Wednesday and I'm so NOT ready for him to be gone ALL DAY! I'm going to miss him like crazy (and Emmett's going to miss him even more!) I take him to school around 8:30 and he doesn't get home until 4ish. That's about 5 hours too long for me. I keep picturing him going through the lunch line, trying to get his money together all by himself! I'm not ready for him to grow up. He, however, couldn't be more excited. He is ready to be in first grade! And, I know he'll do great. I, on the other hand, may not :(!

More pics from our visit to Cooperstown

The boys got to ride a trolley around Cooperstown, feed chickens, and ride the carousel.

Farmer's Museum

IMG_0917, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

Owen got to milk a cow (as did I) at our trip to the Farmer's Museum. Amy and the boys (and Ellen, too) had a great time and much preferred our visit here instead of going to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The farm is set up as a "working" farm w/ authentic buildings, barns, games, and dress (of the employees) from 1845. Emmett didn't want any part of touching the cow's tets. But, he watched :).

Coffman-Phillips Family visits

IMG_0836, originally uploaded by megan bauer.

My dear friend from high school, Amy Coffman, came this weekend from their home in Jersey City. Amy is one of my oldest friends, a friend of mine of 16 years (from high school!). We got to met her adorable new baby, Ellen Bee, who was the absolute sweetest, cutest baby and oh yeah, she brought her hubby Dave too :). We had an absolutely wonderful time. They came to Emmett's 4 birthday party on Saturday. Then, we took them to Skaneateales to walk the strip and shop. Sunday we went to Cooperstown and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Amy and I dropped our big boys off (Eddie and Dave), and we took the little ones to the Farmer's Museum. They helped me redo my computer and storage system for all my photos and I'm learning a new way to post to my blog, so allow for a learning curve these next few days as I post. Owen and Emmett really enjoyed trying to make Ellen smile (they even got a giggle out of her!), but what they enjoyed most was their gps system for the car, the Tom Tom. That was so much fun!!!

Emmett's 4th birthday party

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CAKE, CANDY, PINATA, and BEST BUDDIES!!!! Emmett had the perfect 4th birthday party at the Kidz Club!

Emmett at his Birthday Party

testing new fangled video technology