Monday, March 30, 2009

I tried to avoid a trip to the pediatrician...

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didn't work. Follow along: Henry had a fever on Wednesday and Thursday. I assumed it was viral. Made the decision to wait it out. Stuffy nose on Friday. No big deal. Left ear started draining. Ear infection. Once again, no big deal. He has tubes. I put ear drops in. He started coughing last night and by late morning, he was wheezing and sounding worse by the minute. We visited the pediatrician this afternoon, who said that he has bronchiolitis caused by a virus, yet again. I'm sure it started w/ the virus that he got on Wednesday or Thursday, but the poor little guy CAN NOT escape a virus without it going to his lungs. Sucks. Plus, he had another ear infection. His fourth ear infection since he had tubes placed 6 months ago. The pediatrician mentioned that kids aren't supposed to continue to get ear infections after having tubes placed (duh!) and said that she thinks it must not be functioning properly. But, we just went back to the ENT a month ago who said that they were beautiful and he just has ears that are very susceptible to ear infections. Maybe....his first 10 months of life, he had 10 ear infections. The next 6 months, he's only had 4 ear infections so they've slowed down a little bit. Every bit helps. So...gonna be a long next few days. We're nebbing Henry 4 times a day w/ two different inhaled medications. Plus, giving him oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops. And, I have to bring him back again in one week, which means he's been at the doctor 4 out of the last 5 weeks.

The good news is that his lungs always respond well to the inhaled Albuterol. She said that we've avoided the hospital many times, because his lungs respond so well. It also means that he is more likely to be asthmatic, because his lungs wouldn't respond as well as they do if some of it wasn't being caused by asthma.

It might be time to really follow up w/ the chiropractor you recommended, Becky!

Who me?

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My naughty little boy....

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Climbing on the piano.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sick germs

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My baby boy is sick again. He woke up w/ a fever in the middle of the night Wednesday night. I was completely bummed, because I was on a 10 day streak at the gym and him being sick means I miss working out. BUMMER! I think it's just viral...runny nose, fever, but otherwise acting fine. I decided to wait it out instead of taking him to the pediatrician (25.00 saved) and I think he's feeling better....until I noticed his ear draining pus this AM. OOPS! Good news is that he has tubes, so we already have antibiotic ear drops for this kind of thing (his 4th infection since tubes). Hopefully, I can still avoid a trip to the pediatrician and have the kids back at the gym on Monday.

His silkies

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All of my boys have silkies (little blankets). Owen and Emmett still sleep w/ theirs. He has one silky, but we have another one as a back up. Since Henry has been sick he is carrying his silky everywhere. He likes to rub that brown fuzzy part under his nose. It's so sweet.......
He's decided, since he's been sick, that one silky is very obviously not enough. He is carrying around both silkies AND Owen's silky.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There's no one else that can make Henry giggle better then Emmett. There's nothing better then listening to him giggle.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laundry update...

I did 16 loads of laundry last week and I STILL have a closet full of laundry. What gives?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy (self portrait)

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It's been a good week. It's the last day of winter and I'm happy. Everyone says that their favorite season is fall. Not me. Things die in the fall. And, fall means that winter...a really long, snowy, cold on it's way. Spring, on the other hand, is a re-birth. Trees are growing leaves. Everything is coming a live. Flowers are born. Baby animals are born. It's the season of hope, excitement, and life. I heart it....a whole lot.

This week was warm enough a few days to spend hours outside. I cleaned out the landscaping in our front flower beds and raked leaves that have been laying on our ground since fall. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are getting easier. Henry played around me while I worked, carrying his own little rake.

I made it to the gym this week three out of the last four days and I'm not sure if the added endorphins released while I exercise is helping my pleasant mood or not, but it surely hasn't hurt. I can run one WHOLE mile now, easily, in about 11 and a half minutes. A HUGE change from my struggle to run for 2 minutes a mere 6 weeks ago. I'm 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight w/ Henry and I've lost a total of 18 pounds since January. After I reach those 4 pounds, I'm going to go down 20 more to get to my pre-pregnancy weight w/ Owen. It's funny...but now I crave exercise. I NEED to get there every morning. It's nice to have somewhere to go and it's a great break for me. AND, Emmett, bless his sweet little heart, NEVER complains about going. Keep in mind I'm dragging him there 4-5 times a week and he is usually the oldest amongst many, many babies and 2 year olds. And, I usually work out for 1.5 or 2 hours. It would be harder to get there every day if he made a fuss, but he doesn't. Every once in a while he'll say, "Do we HAVE to go to the gym today?" I'm all "Yes, Emmett." And he's all, "OK, mama." And, the ladies in the day care (who are in their 50's) ADORE him. Every time I pick the boys up they tell me how wonderful they are. Yesterday I heard from one of the ladies, "We'll take 5 more just like Emmett and Henry." Today a different lady told me over and over how kind Emmett was. And, how he is was such a great big brother. She even said, "You that are this kind at such a young age, will always be like this." Not sure where she gets her pediatric expertise, but whatever, a compliment is a compliment, right? I think Emmett pretty much takes care of Henry there and helps the ladies entertain the other kids. Isn't he wonderful?

It is a good week.

16 months old

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My baby boy turned 16 months old today (sigh). I got to tell you....I don't feel nearly as sad about these monthly milestones as I did during his first year. I'm excited. I see a personality emerging and I can't wait to see what kind of man he becomes.

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Someday his bus will come..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colorado State sweatshirt

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I found this sweatshirt at the back of Henry's closet and I couldn't remember why I didn't put it on Emmett more often....


Now, I remember.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sitting on a pile of laundry.

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A friend of mine (Harris Happenings on the right) posed the question: How much laundry do you do in a week?? I bet I do at least 20 loads, but I'm going to keep track...just for "fun". Some reasons we have lots of laundry:
- three young (MESSY) boys
-soccer uniforms and practices numerous days in a week
-Henry refuses to wear a bib...leading to LOTS of shirt changes
-my gym clothes and regular clothes every day

I'm sure summer we go through even more clothes and more laundry. Mud, dirt, sand, swimming, sweat......perhaps the only down side to summer.

So...spill the much laundry do you do in a week?

Down it comes...

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Throwing laundry down our stairs.
Forming a heap on the floor.

Future soccer player?

Henry loves to kick a soccer ball or anything other ball he can find. He spends a decent portion of the day doing this and when we're at the soccer center he hunts down soccer balls and steals them from unsuspecting players. I'm going to try to video him scoring a goal in the basement. It's hysterical. It won't be long before he "airplanes" down the field after scoring as Owen does.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One more thing (part two)...

Henry's pediatrician also said that we need to follow up w/ the ENT about Henry's tonsils. They are apparently HUGE. They've been big for a long, long time but today she said that they were "kissing" tonsils, meaning that they are touching. She said that he needs a sleep study, too, because there is no way that he is NOT having apneic episodes w/ tonsils like his. Just wondering how they go about doing a sleep study on a baby? Doesn't sound like fun.

One more thing...

Can you believe that my little guy sits still through his neb treatment without fighting it? I wonder if he realizes how much it helps him? If he can tell how much better it makes him feel?

It's going to be a LONG week...

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My baby boy has RSV, again. We spent all last week nebbing Owen twice a day. BUT, he never had a fever and never had to miss school. Emmett starting coughing Saturday and we've been nebbing him 3 times a day. His cough sounds croupy and we sat outside for a good stretch at 4 AM this morning. He's missed two days of school. Henry started coughing this AM. He went from being a little sick to very sick in the course of 8 hours. By the time we got to the pediatrician, I had already nebbed him once and she nebbed him again when we got there. She thinks he has RSV (again) and we're hoping to keep him out of the hospital. He's older and stronger this year....AND, she put him on oral prednisone which he couldn't take as a 2 month old. We're nebbing him every 4 hours, giving him oral steroids, and we have to see her again on Monday. It's going to be a LONG week. RSV typically lasts a long stretch, so we're looking at being home bound for a week.
I'm a bit extra bummed, because I've become a gym rat and that means I won't be making it to the gym (unless I can get there in the evening) for a while. UGH...spring can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snuggling in the AM

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When my boys come down early, early in the AM they sit in the recliner next to one another and watch TV. Today, Henry decided he belonged in the chair with them. I quick took a picture before he changed his mind.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleep study results

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I spoke to the boy's ENT tonight (their referring physician) about the results of their sleep study. It was really, really interesting. I was on a cell phone as was he and it was a bit hard to hear, so I didn't get all the information I wanted. He's mailing me copies of the report and after I look them over we are going to talk again. But, this is what I know. Emmett's was worse then Owen's. Emmett had 41 respiratory events and hypoxic episodes. These are apneic events and he had enough of them that he is classified as having a mild sleep disorder. The sleep doctor recommended "surgical intervention". My ENT said his oxygenation dropped during these episodes, but not enough that "he needs to go to the ICU now until surgery is done" (well, that's good). Surgical interventions include removing adenoids (which both he and Owen have already had done) and opening up his nasal airway. I'm not excited about these ideas, and he said we could try nasal steroids for a while to decrease nasal inflammation and repeat the sleep study in 6-12 months. I have to read the report and go from there...but I'm certainly NOT pro-surgery. It's interesting though, because Emmett is the one who sleep a good amount (I can put him in bed at 5 pm), but often seems EXHAUSTED during the day AND it's not completely unheard of for me to lay down for a nap w/ him again by 10 AM. This totally fits w/ a sleep apnea diagnosis. It's one of the classic signs. It also makes me wonder, because the week he went I thought he was doing OK, but there are definitely weeks when he snores like an obese, 80 year old, 2 pack a day smoker. I can hear him stop breathing on those days. It makes me nervous. I wonder how many apneic episodes he has on those days.

Owen had a few apneic episodes, but not enough to be considered a sleep disorder. However, he asked if Owen had a history of a heart condition. He said his heart rate dropped really low while he was sleeping (40's) and this can be normal, but was unusual because his pre-sleep heart rate isn't that low. It is common for highly conditioned athletes to have low heart rates and I'm not sure if it's possible for an 8 year old to be a highly conditioned athlete. But, if any 8 year old is, then it's Owen. He can run continuously for 4-5 straight hours of soccer games without getting tired. I'm to follow up w/ the pediatrician about that. And, they said he grinds his teeth horribly (duh!). Follow up w/ the dentist for that.

As luck would have it, my mom's dearest friend 's (35 years worth) daughter, Ashley (who I grew up with) is married to a neurologist specializing in sleep disorders. Convenient, eh? I'm going to send the report to him. Consider yourself warned, Brad :)

Daylight Savings Time...

didn't make a difference at my house. Owen and Emmett were up at 545 this AM. Henry, however, slept until 7 AM. Maybe two out of three isn't bad?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our new "sneakers"

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Eddie and I got new "sneakers" today. What is known as "tennis shoes" in the Midwest is called "sneakers" here on the East Coast. I have a really, really hard time saying "sneakers". But, I'm afraid we're raising true East Coast boys. They say "sneakers". No matter how many times we correct them.

Anyway, we had a good day today. Owen only had 2 soccer games today (TWO!) and no goalie training (which he has also been doing). And, as an added bonus, his games were at 7 and 9 so we were done by 10 AM! Eddie took Henry home for a nap and the big boys and I went for haircuts and to order Owen's sport glasses. Then the whole gang went along for tennis shoes. We went to Fleet Feet, the place recommended by by trainer. It was quite a production. We had to sign in when we got there and we waited for about 30 minutes before being helped, despite at least 6 people waiting on customers. The place was packed. I'm told it's ALWAYS like that. When it was our turn, Eddie chased the boys, and the man helping us put me on a treadmill and videotaped me running. Seriously. He measured my pronation and angles and what not and after trying different pairs on and more treadmill running and more videotaping and 45 minutes passed and I finally had the perfect pair of shoes. I took the boys across the street to Barnes and Noble while Eddie was being helped. I went to the gym tonight w/ my new TENNIS SHOES on and I have to say I'm not 100% convinced yet, but if they don't work out I can exchange of charge.

Turns out that the man that helped us is good friends w/ the guy that owns 3 Fleet Feet shops in St. Louis (the store was ranked in the top 50 of best running shoe stores). So, if you are in the market for new running shoes, check it out.

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My crazy boys after their haircuts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yes, I'm staring at you.

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I can't stop staring at Owen in his glasses. A few times he's looked at me and said, "What, mom?" Only for me to smile at him and say, "Nothing...buddy....I just LOVE the way you look in your glasses.". Not sure why, but he looks SO different to me. Grown up. Mature. They seem to suit him. Like he was never meant to exist without his eyes being covered.


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Henry's fave activity every morning is to unload all my cabinets and then...he unloads my dishwasher and promptly throws everything on the floor. Notice the amount of stuff behind him?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emmett's 1/2 birthday!

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We celebrated Emmett's half birthday yesterday by having a half day. I cut in half all the food that he ate...sausage patties for breakfast, pb&j for lunch, etc.....1/2 cupcakes for snack. He ate them all off his 1/2 plate. I babysat Amy's boys in the afternoon and Emmett's best buddy, Troy, came over after school. They had a great time. My middle man is 5 1/2. Hard to believe....

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He's 5 1/2!!!

And after they had cupcakes....

This was the scene at my house after they all ate cupcakes. What do you think was the decibel level at my house? EEK!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is 8 too young for a sleepover?

What do you think? Owen was invited to his first sleepover. I'm thinking...he's not going. I don't know exactly why not? I think a bit of it is that he doesn't sleep well at my house. He's up in the middle of the night, often. And, I'm thinking other parents might not be thrilled w/ him crawling in the middle of them. I don't even think it would get that far. I'm quite certain he wouldn't fall asleep and I'd get a late night phone call. But, I think the real reason is....I'm not ready. I'm not ready for him to be gone from me at night (yes, yes I work the night shift sometime. But, he's still at our house w/ Eddie). And, the amount of times he's EVER slept apart from me is so, so few that I could count them on one hand. And if you take out spending the night w/ my mom at her house, I think he's only spent the nights other places three times (EVER). One at his aunt and uncles (Nicki and Eric) where, by the way, he promptly got the stomach bug and threw up at their house. And, his Godparents, Amy and Jeff. And, his dear, dear friend and babysitter, Andrea. That's it. I think I allow him to go and pick him up when the other kids are going to sleep....around 10 or midnight. What do you think?