Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's about time..

008 by megan bauer
008, a photo by megan bauer on Flickr.

Owen cut his hair. Really cut his hair. As in, his hair hasn't been this short since he was 5 years old.

Why? Not really sure...

He woke up one morning and said he wanted to cut his hair. Completely off. When I asked him why, he was vague. He said something about being tired of me running my fingers through his hair. He mentioned he was tired of me chasing him with a hairbrush. At any rate, when the stylist started cutting his hair, she would cut a bit off and then stop. To which he would say, keep going - not short enough.

Fast forward a few days when I ran into one of his best soccer buddy's mom. She says that her son told her that Owen cut his hair, because a girl in his class that he like said she would go out w/ him if he cut his hair (to which Eddie was all "I like this girl already!). Then, the mom said, that after Owen cut his hair he decided he didn't like her anyway...

Eddie and I were shocked and didn't believe the story. He has NEVER mentioned girls before. NEVER. But, at training, a group of his teammates were teasing him about this girl??

Christmas Eve, after dinner, Eddie and I had a conversation about it. He completely denied it all. Hmm...but, he did mention that everyone in class (boys and girls) liked each other. Oh boy - I guess it's that time.

At any rate, it took me forever to like his long hair. But then, I really liked it. This short hair is growing on me, but I won't tell Owen I like it. Or, he'll grow it again immediately!

Doesn't Emmett look like he belongs in the musical "Rent"? How many different colors can you throw on pal?


Erica said...

I LOVE this pic!!! And I LOVE Owen's short hair..and all Emmett's colors! =)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! I Love Your New Hair!!!!